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Hello BP world! Has anyone ever bought a package from clever investor? I am a new investor and this looks very appealing but I am hoping to hear some feedback before I buy the package. Any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I believe I read some reviews that’s weren’t very good. Search for his name on BP here

@caleb I have read a lot. Most were good but I guess I’m just skeptical. I think I’m just going to go for it!

I bought the program. Willing to chat if you’d like. PM me if so.

It cosys $297 now for some reason the price came down.

Disclosure: I am the owner of Clever Investor

First off thank you for considering Clever Investor to help with your real estate journey. 

All I can tell you is you get out what you put in.  Real estate investing (especially no money down investing) is a tough business to learn.  It can be simplified...but it's definitely not easy!

There is a ton of new language you will want to learn and systems and processes you will want to have in order to create good habits (aka writing consistent offers).  Your attitude (mindset) is the hardest part of your first year in the business.  Getting out of your comfort zone, being coachable, and having fun with the learning process is critical to your success.  No matter how you decide to "learn" the business (through trial and error or with a mentor) you get out what you put in.  Just remember that you can't buy your way to success.  Buying mentoring from me or anyone else basically gets you into the good ole boys club.  It helps you create those systems and processes that are already proven versus trying to figure everything out on your own.  It gives you proven phone scripts and unique step by step ways to generate and process leads.  It helps you plug into a network of like minded real estate investors (just like here on BP) that all help and support each other.  What it doesn't do is write offers for you.  It doesn't go on appointments for you.  It doesn't make phone calls for you.  YOU still have to work the business like a freaking maniac for the first year to get it off the ground and build the relationships in your local market.

I truly believe with all of me that we ALWAYS put our students success first.  I feel so grateful to have such an amazing team of mentors and support staff that love helping our students have breakthroughs in their businesses and eventually lead them towards doing deals.  Hope this helps and I think the BP community here is also a great resource for you as there is a ton of awesome information on this site.

Best of luck and let me know how I can help.

Hello, @Kevin Omalley . I purchased the Fast Track 2.0 from CI about 3 months ago (give or take) after watching the free webinar by Cody. As a total REI newbie, I went through the entire track, piece by piece, step by step, in building out my business. I have followed the systematic approach laid out by @Cody Sperber & Co. and I coudn't be happier with the takeaway. I've also purchased and began using his M5 Automated Marketing Machine (which is amazing). 

The thing I like most about the track is the step-by-step approach for getting your business up and running. There is no guessing. They cover everything in great detail, as any real life mentor would. It's obvious that they genuinly care about your success. Not to mention, they keep you quite entertained throughout the learning process. I highly recommend them!


I just purchased the Fast Track Profits from Clever Investor last week. I am a complete noob when it comes to REI but so far the information has been very informative. The mentor packages that they offer are super expensive so I will not be purchasing those but I may look into to M5 software.

Have any of you had any success with the system minus any mentors? 

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