Anyone heard of Darnell Mcalister?

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Has anyone heard of Darnell Mcalister, REI Elite LLC? He’s offering me a system to help me learn my Market wants a 3K invest upfront swears his system is legit and his company but I can’t find him or his company on the internet ANYWHERE!

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@Tieba Bropleh

My friend, Biggerpockets is all you need. You don't have to pay anyone money upfront when you are here. There is a wealth of free knowledge here, why go and pay someone anything. Just do your read blogs, listen to the podcasts and interact in the forums, after that you are golden. Don't waste your money, pleaaaaasseee don't.

This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

I’ll be your “mentor” for the cheap price of $1000! I’ll give you articles I find from BP and some random YouTube videos as I teach you my “system” to be successful.

Obviously I’m joking, but all kidding aside I wouldn’t waste your money. The best way to learn in REI is to get out and do a deal. Each deal you do gets easier and you learn more and more.

The darnell mcallister system?
Step 1. Tell an idiot that you have a system to help them learn their market, ask for 3k upfront.

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