Chris Rood? Has anyone heard of his program?

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Hi everyone,
I came across Chris Rood through Grant Cardone. He is in the real estate business as a wholesaler. I was on the phone with him and his most basic program is $500 USD. Does anyone have any experience with the program or any advice ? If you know anything please comment. Any advice for these types of things?

@Alex Gallardo I too came across Chris through Grant and was interested in his mentoring program. However, I elected to hold off for now due to the state of the market in my area (Long Beach, CA) but will consider again with any signs of a dip in the market.

Curious if anyone else has had any exposure to Chris Rood program?

This is my experience. I scheduled a coaching session with Chris on his website. There are at least two places where it specifically mentions that you'll speak to Chris - not an associate or designee (see screenshot). Rather than Chris, I get a call from Darren. My call with Darren goes well and I'm interested in their group program nonetheless. Shortly after the call, I get a video message from Darren thanking me for my time. However, he's doesn't reply to my response to this message and fails to check back in a couple of days later as promised on the phone.

After a few days, and thinking about it further, I send Chris a message via his website sharing my concerns that his website as currently written is misleading. I also mention that I never heard back from Darren. I get an email a couple of hours later from Chris asking when we can talk. This is on a Saturday and I think great, maybe there's an easy explanation. I responded thanking him and tell him I'm available all day on Sunday and in the mornings next week. I get no response which at that point tells me all I need to know. 

I deleted their pricing material but their 6-month group coaching program is $5K with individual coaching at $10K. I forget if this includes direct access to Chris.

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