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I'm reading Why the Rich Are Getting Richer by Robert Kiyosaki and he mentions a board game he created over 20 years ago called Cashflow. I'm wondering if anyone here has played it and if it is recommended. The price on Amazon is rather steep, $80, and I'm wondering if it is worth it. I also see on the Rich Dad site that he has a free online version; haven't had a chance to check that out yet.

Definitely worth it! My husband and I play it with my kids and we are all benefiting from the reinforcement of the “Rich Dad” mindset it helps create. ‘Best board game we have in the house!

I have played the board and online versions and would recommend playing. Try it online first to see if you like it before buying it. I do agree that the board game version is a bit expensive. It helps you see how important numbers are and you can try things that would be hard to do in real life without having to pay the consequences. Getting assets that cash flow is the key to the game.

My husband & I bought it from Amazon (new edition) to play with our teenagers. We think it's fun & played a few times by ourselves so we could learn it & quickly explain to the kids when it was time for them to play. Like the book, it helps you to look at money & things we spend money on differently. A full game (2 phases) can be long, but we can't stop playing until someone wins. Have plans to play it New Year's Eve with all the kids :)

I found it to be a great learning experience on so many levels! Not only does the game make learning fun and challenging, but you learn so much from something so simple. Building a real estate portfolio is a lot of fun, but there are many things I hadn’t even considered. One of the biggest things I learned from playing is that you can have a huge cash flowing machine, but if you are stretched too thin you can lose everything in the blink of an eye. I have thankfully been able to quickly build my portfolio, but simple things I have learned from playing this “game” have helped me keep from making mistakes that could have cost me plenty of time and money. Also, I think it is a great way to teach your children how to invest and make it fun. I most definitely will be playing with them when they get a little older!

I played it online via the richdad website. You have to create a login, which is free.

Doesn’t work from mobile device, and might require a flash player.

Anyway, fun online game and let’s you play against and chat with RE investors all around the world.

Have fun!

I bought the newer version on Amazon (doesn't use Monopoly type money) and 202. My wife and I play v1 and I play the mobile version myself. We haven't played 202 yet because there's several hours of video to watch before playing. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're trying to show a significant other 'the light'.

I always heard of this game but thought it was a gimmick. Ill definitely check out the site. How long is the usual play time? Is there a site where you can buy it cheaper

@Cody Evans It can take an hour or longer depending on how many are playing. The online one is faster. eBay has some a little cheaper.

I play it on my iPad.  It is SUPER addicting and it definitely is a GREAT learning tool.  At first I thought "This ain't nothin'.  I know how to manage my finances".  So I played the game exactly how I manage my household books.  Welp!  I ended up bankrupt 3 different times.  Then I decided to play the game and use the techniques and thought processes found inside of the RDPD books.  I finally made it.  

Then I kept playing... about 4 hours later, I saw money totally different.  When I decided to apply it to my personal finances, I found myself out of debt and STAYED out of it.  I play the game still but not as much.  It helps remind and motivate me to do better.

Hope this helps!

I bought it like 15 years ago and never played it. Maybe I’ll check it out. I’m surprised by all the positive comments here.

Yes, @Shawn Clark ; it definitely sounds helpful in understanding the REI world!

I have it and played it years ago.  Very good game.

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