A&E's Scott & Amie Yancey's Flipping Vegas!????

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Yesterday I went to Scott & Amie Yancey's (A&Es Flipping Vegas) free seminar..... and was impressed to say the least....
1) they themselves were there
2) they have and contribute to a lot of veteran organizations
3) there was an actual 10 yr student and 20yr old college student son who started at 18 and has 2 buy & holds, 1 of which is a 4plex
4) they recently acquired their own bank and now provide done 4 u funding @1.65% of borrowed amt& 395 transaction fee AFTER CLOSING on wholesale deals
5) lots of hand-holding support for 12 months
6) 100% money back guarantee after your 1st deal & 200% if you use THEIR money
7) No income verification, no upfront fees
8) 12 months free of a deal desk that sends you a report on your properties of interest
9) the Jan 4,5,6-3 day workshop is only $1150.. not too bad
10) bring a friend for free AND they get everything you get

If someone wants to split the cost and come with me let me know?

It's Thursday Jan 4th 5-10pm, 5th & 6th 8-6pm, here in FL at the Orlando Airport Hyatt.

As well, I love opinions & advice PLEASE! I straddling the threshold/fence!

Be very very careful with these systems they charge you to learn from them, just because they offer a guarantee after you complete a deal does not mean you are guaranteed to find a deal that they would lend on.

Originally posted by @Aaron K. :

Be very very careful with these systems they charge you to learn from them, just because they offer a guarantee after you complete a deal does not mean you are guaranteed to find a deal that they would lend on.

 Thanx Aaron. That is always the trick they use!

@Camellia B. hey I see these work shops come through orlando and Florida monthly and i know a lot of people who have wasted valuable time and money attending.just be aware that once you go to the 3 day work shop its going to be a 3 day infomercial to get you and that FREE friend that came along to the next one or sell you something. its easy for you to buy something when you have a friend or someone sitting next to you that has the same hype and excitement that telling you its a good idea because they saw what you saw at the event.

there is truly nothing you will learn that you won't learn just be being here in the forms or by listening to the BP podcast either here or on youtube. i was seeking a mentor or guidance a little over a year ago and I was surprise to find out that Josh and Brandon's podcast was it then once I got involved here in the forms as well my education in real estate has taken off. people here really want you to be successful and I'm shocked at what people have shared about making mistakes that I will now never make because they explained the why and what of them. best advice save that money for a downpayment or for marketing to find your next or first deal! hope this helps.


@Camellia B. , I am impressed by your willingness to put yourself out there and post on the site to find a partner for the event. That takes guts and an enormous amount of courage. Good for you!

You have huge goals, and if you are going after them the way you wrote this post, then go ahead and sign up for the training. Even though the three-day event is an informational event for the next most expensive program, it still has lots of great information.  You will learn a lot, so go for it. In order to learn that much, you'll have to be on this site or ready tens of books and it will take months and months to absorb what you can get in 3 days.

Regarding the kid you mentioned that owns already two properties, you can do that within a year yourself. If you don't own another building or a single family home, you can buy a 3-4 unit building with only 3.5% down, ask the seller to cover the closing cost and the downpayment can be a gift to you. 

There are plenty of downpayment sources available if you qualify, or your family can gift to you or borrow from your retirement funds. You are allowed to borrow tax-free when you buy your own home. 

A year later, you can repeat the process and buy with 5% down, conventional loan your next property. 

Good luck to you and reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you all! I did NOT purchase the course.... I am in "reading & webinar replay" mode right now and will remain there until I close my first deal! I am looking into the FHA program on a 2-4 unit here in FL now and you are correct, I will refinance it in 12-18 months and do it all over again!

Thanx so much!

How's it going?Have you been able to purchase anything?

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