"The Rebel Millionaire System" ? by Josh Cantwell and Nathan (the "Short sale Kid" ) ? Has anyone tried it?

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Medium 1399391705 avatar paradiseco April G
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April G

Real Estate Investor from Westminster, Colorado

Jul 25 '10, 12:54 PM

I just listened to a webinar about a program called the "Rebel Millionaire system". Seems like it is a computer program that walks you thru the deals. And you are partnering with these guys and splitting the commission 50-50. You basically get the deals and hand it over to them for the most part. It sounded good, but these things always do. Any feedback on this?

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K John

Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles, California

Aug 08 '10, 12:26 PM

How much do they want for it?

K John

Real Estate Investor from Los Angeles, California

Aug 09 '10, 01:38 AM

That doesn't sound too bad but it usually comes with a monthly fee too. Is that right?

They provide some good material and content especially when the attorney Jeff Watson is doing the training.

Have you had any short sale training?

Do you understand the A to B...B to C process?

Also what state are you in? Are you in Ohio where SREC is located?

If your budget is limited, it may be better for you to find some local help because it's very important to understand the process on your state level?

This thursday Watson has a webinar. Jump on that one.

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Mike L.

Commercial Real Estate Broker from Tustin, California

Sep 20 '10, 05:03 AM

Any more news on this? I signed up for the webinar that is taking place this evening. I also saw that Josh Cantwell is selling his entire package of foreclosure training for $27 and was wondering if anyone has tried that out.

April G

Real Estate Investor from Westminster, Colorado

Sep 20 '10, 08:31 AM

How was the webinar? And was it really only $27 for his foreclosure training?

Mike L.

Commercial Real Estate Broker from Tustin, California

Sep 21 '10, 04:31 PM

I think he had some technical difficulties - the webinar didn't take place at the scheduled time. But I randomly went to the webinar address today and caught the second half of it (I'm positive it was pre recorded). It sounds like you get a lot of stuff for $997. Compared to the price of many other RE classes and materials, it's a pretty good price. I'm trying to figure out the different materials he offers. There's the $27 package and there is also one that is $400. And this one that he is selling on the webinar is $1000. I wonder if there is another one that he will try to upsell!

I don't know much about Josh Cantwell and I don't know if his system is good. If it is a good system, then the price of his package would definitely be worth it. It would be great if someone with experience with his system could chime in.

Medium 1399476796 avatar flipclub Joey P.
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Joey P.

Real Estate Investor from Pasadena, California

Sep 24 '10, 03:44 AM
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I am not one who likes to spread negativity, but common sense tells me that this will ultimately be a waste of your $997.

The reason I say that is because Nathan was pushing his "Short Sale Riches" program no more than a year ago and talking about how he was doing 20-50 deals a month and pocketing over six figures MONTHLY like clockwork.

If this were true, why in the world would he now need to push a completely different system? If you had an automatic system in place that was making you SIX FIGURES A MONTH, would you even try and create a new system that you could sell for $997 a pop? Would there be any need to?

So, because he is now selling a new system, common sense would tell you that he was not being completely honest about the success of his last system, which would have to make you question the legitimacy of his claims regarding this system.

I would bet that he makes the vast majority of his income not by selling real estate, but by selling......say it with me.....THESE SYSTEMS!

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Investor from ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania

Sep 24 '10, 04:44 AM

Josh Cantwell is the real deal! I bought his book last year The Short Sales Success Blueprint for $27, and I was able to do 2 deals back to back and it was like having a mentor walk me through everything I needed to do. I was on the call last night and the only reason I didnt buy was because I just got an offer accepted on another property and need to save.

But what he is offering is a hell of a deal for $997! especially the partnership deal. and the money back guarantee for doing a deal no matter how long it takes!

I am in no way affiliated with him or trying to market for him but he is proven.

Joey P.

Real Estate Investor from Pasadena, California

Sep 24 '10, 07:07 AM
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First off to Steve,

thanks for the great link which might really help people to beware.

And to Jimmy and everyone else,

I just want to point out that most "guru's" are selling information that is definitely legit as it is usually common knowledge that has been used by investors for decades that is just wrapped up in a shiny new package and marketed as some "secret new technique" that the author claims to have discovered all by themselves.

But, these "guru's" almost always sell the idea in a way that makes it sound as if zero effort, money or credit is ever needed in order to start making trillions of dollars instantly in real estate. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it takes a whole lot of at least one of those three things if you want to make it in real estate.

My question is this, if Josh Cantwell, or any other "guru" for that matter, is so successful in real estate, why would he bother taking the time to push a product at $997 per? Does Warren Buffett spend time pushing some new amazing stock training program for $997? Does Bill Gates waste time trying to sell seats to seminars that teach people how to create their own billion dollar operating system?

The answer is no, and it's obvious why. They make their money doing what we would all gladly pay them to teach us to do, and there is no need for them to try and make more money teaching since they have already found success.

I am not saying that the info you will get in ANY system is completely useless, but I am saying that you need to beware of these "guru's" that will allegedly teach you to set up some "automatic" or "effortless" system that will make you wealthy in real estate.

The only way to really learn anything is to get out there and do it. You are going to stumble, you are going to fall down, you are going to make mistakes and take your lumps, and it is going to hurt at first. But, if you continue to push forward and refuse to give up you will learn this business, you will become a savvy investor, and you will find success.

Steve Babiak Verified

Real Estate Investor from Audubon, Pennsylvania

Sep 24 '10, 07:19 AM

Originally posted by JIMMY T.:
But what he is offering is a hell of a deal for $997! especially the partnership deal. and the money back guarantee for doing a deal no matter how long it takes!


None of these comments I make here are specifically directed at this product; these are claims that are oft-repeated in the guru selling spiels.

So let's say you want your money back. Hmm, you just didn't give it enough time - "no matter how long it takes" could be construed to mean just that.

As for the partnering - I have read a number of posts where students requested to partner with some guru as a result of the training, only to be denied. Here's just one that is very recent:


Investor from ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania

Sep 24 '10, 08:39 AM

To Joey P. and Steve B.

I definitly agree with everything you guys stated. For the simple fact that Ive been ripped off in the past with pointless books and even a $1,000 seminar (that hurt my pockets big time). There is no debating the FACTS that both of you have stated at all.

Basically what I was saying about the cantwell course being good. Is that just with reading one of his books I ended up actually taking the LEAP and investing. Using every single thing in the book step by step. A $27 investment helped me get two properties at a crazy discount.

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Rob Gillespie Verified Video

Real Estate Investor from Cleveland, Ohio

Apr 08 '11, 03:52 PM

I know Josh, and he is a real player. I have not ever listened to one of his courses though. He is in my market, so I have ran across him on some deals. I believe that most systems work, but most students do not. Whatever you get will work, if you open it up and take massive action! You can get a ton of free info here on BP, I wish this was around when I started 15 years ago! Good luck to you man!

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