DealZone Real Estate Workshop? (Cherif Medawar)

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Hi! I'm a brand new member.

Does anybody have experience or feedback on the 3-day workshop offered by DealZone, led by Cherif Medawar? I enrolled in their upcoming San Jose event, and was wondering if people come out of this feeling good or feeling scammed?

Any input would be appreciated. 



@Albert Ng Took Cherif medawar’s 3 training called commercial real estate round table and his syndication program I am an investor and a retired tax attorney, I can tell you CherIf Medawar Is the best trainer, Investor and Syndicator I have ever met D‘ont just take my word for it he has thousands of success stories (and 2 complaints that are anonymous BS posted on ripoff report probably by his competition who can’t compete with his depth of knowledge, his integrity and great humor)

@Sabrina Veksler

I took Cherif Medawar training of 3 days and signed up for his advanced event and JV Partner program - best training events I have ever attended- go to YouTube and put his name you will see what other developers, novice people, licensed professionals etc say about him... fascinating!

I don’t think he does many live events though and he does not do one of one coaching at any price, but if you can ever get to any of his rare 3 days usually held in California, you will enjoy the depth of knowledge and detailed structures and explanations