Is it worth it or is it a scam?

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generally speaking the HOW TO SELLERS in the real estate space all have a feeder event to sell their higher priced boot camp or in this case big dog.. I have no clue as to how good it is or is not or how much it may cost.

although I have been around a lot of different HOW TO guys over the years.. and like anything.. if he sells 100 people on the big dog program 10 or so will take it and run.. 10 or so will muddle the rest will just kind of fade away.

you have to look within and see if you are in a position to succeed in real estate... its not as easy as just taking a course and your now going to succeed... real estate generally speaking takes time,, money and some how gain experience.

so for sure those that have limited investing capital limited experience.. no real contacts in the industry.. will find it pretty tough to almost no way anything will happen other than get jacked up at the event.

Assess were your at personally..  be realistic..  you don't want to go into debt to pay for these things.  that could just really hamper you when you actually want to get started

Thanks a lot. I was really skeptical on this whole event. Even though he gave good pointers it was really just a sales pitch at the end of the day. The program cost between $20,000-$50,000. I want to get into real estate but I don’t want to go into debt for something I feel I can learn for free or a lot cheaper

@Todd Stricklin Welcome to BP!  Depends how you look at it. "is it worth the money?"

1. if you have no other way to learn the business of real estate and you spend 20k to learn it and you IMPLEMENT what you learn... Then Yes it is worth it. 

2. You can learn more on here than you can on a weekend bootcamp. When I mentor folks, I PERSONALLY work with them, that is why I do such a limited amount of mentoring. A lot of the big course guys have employees work with the students. 

with that said, I would personally spend some time on here first and learn as much as you can for free. 

Fell free to PM me if I can help in any  way. 

Good Luck!

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