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Hi Everyone, I am looking for a Mentor for BRRRR Strategy and shortcut the learning curve. I currently have a duplex under contract that I am planning on keeping it.

Any recommendations?

I am far, far away from you, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. I have used the BRRRR method a few times and done well with it.

Well it is a little late to shortcut the learning curve if you already have a property under contract, but in the long run keeping the unit nice and not deferring maintenance will serve you well.  If something breaks... fix it immediately.  Also depending on the units you may be able to submeter utilities.  In addition see what market rents would be and if any upgrades such as a new kitchen could help you raise rents.

Hi Jesus, there's a lot of people on here that have done it pretty well. You can post up specific questions in another forum or message knowledgeable members directly. You don't really need to find someone in Miami to walk you through the process. 

Thanks for the quick responses. I am pretty familiar with the overall process. But would love to have someone to run by some key decisions or getting some help especially with the refi part. I am pretty sure a good mentor can prevent me from making a few mistakes. Doesn't need to be local.

@Corby Goade will shoot you an email. Thanks!

You bet- what is your goal for your refi? What are the details of your acquisition and financingI can probably give you some pointers. 

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