Is this real or a scam?

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Hey everyone, my name is Ryan. I’m new to bigger pockets. I am highly highly intrigued on getting involved with bigger pockets and in the real estate community. I have been listening to the podcast and reading posts and learning a ton as I build my cash reserves to begin my journey in investment. However I drove past a sign the other day that had a message on it along the lines of someone looking for beginners to help out making $1000-$10,000 a week while learning the ropes of real estate? Does everyone think this is a legit mentor seeking a student? Or does it scream scam?

Are they paying you that 1-10k or are you paying them that? If you’re paying them that it’s likely a “scam”. Not a typical scam where they take your money and run away but one where the value you get is significantly less than the price you pay

here is what's gonna happen. they are going to tell you to find them leads adn close them. You'll earn a commission on what you close. Is it a scam? not really, but it's certainly not designed in your favor.

I would be earning 1-10k a week. And yeah that’s what it sounds like is I’d be bringing him leads. I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least hear his offer. And an extra few grand a week could jump start my investing. All things to think about.

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