Is this real or a scam?

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Hey everyone, my name is Ryan. I’m new to bigger pockets. I am highly highly intrigued on getting involved with bigger pockets and in the real estate community. I have been listening to the podcast and reading posts and learning a ton as I build my cash reserves to begin my journey in investment. However I drove past a sign the other day that had a message on it along the lines of someone looking for beginners to help out making $1000-$10,000 a week while learning the ropes of real estate? Does everyone think this is a legit mentor seeking a student? Or does it scream scam?

Are they paying you that 1-10k or are you paying them that? If you’re paying them that it’s likely a “scam”. Not a typical scam where they take your money and run away but one where the value you get is significantly less than the price you pay

I would be earning 1-10k a week. And yeah that’s what it sounds like is I’d be bringing him leads. I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least hear his offer. And an extra few grand a week could jump start my investing. All things to think about.

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