Favorite books for Investing or Bettering YOURSELF

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Hello Bigger Pockets! I love reading books that specifically help me with real estate investing or that get me in the proper mind set of an entrepreneur. List your favorite books for generating wealth or have made you an overall wiser person! My favorites are: The Millionaire Mind Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich I also love Dave Ramsey’s total money makeover for personal finance and bad debt reduction. Thanks! Alec
Some of my favorites are Richest Man in Babylon and Simple Path to Wealth. Millionaire Next Door is great too. Recently, I finished Never Split the Difference on recommendation of the Bigger Pockets podcast with Chris Voss - loved it.

Thanks for the response Eric! I’m planning on the richest man in Babylon for my next read!

@Alec McGinn The Millionaire Next Door should be required reading by every young aspiring entrepreneur.  Also, Bulletproof Asset Protection teaches about asset protection, Who Moved My Cheese teaches about dealing with change, How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the best books for personal development.

Thanks Jeff! Bulletproof sounds like a must read!

My vote goes to Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink. Not RE related but it makes you think different in that you’re fully responsible for your success (or failures). Loved that one.

Its not an investment book, but it will help you connect and network much better and that leads to anything. How to win friends and influence people 

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