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well, last night I was contacted via email for a new product of theirs so I began my search here for information. I thought most feedback was negative from the forum here so I thought I would investigate further. Today I tried to find out if one of their contracts would be valid in Vermont and exchanged a few emails with their "support" and asked if I could have a trial or see a hard copy ( uneditable) of one the forms I was interested in.  Just a sample would have been fine... No luck and after many emails and messages left for them I gave up. 

It seems their phone support is nothing more then an answering service but even leaving three messages doesn't get you a returned phone call. So I sent my phone number to the email contact but they never called me or offered to get me an answer to my questions.  They avoided a response but made sure I had a link to get the product at a reduced rate. Am I suppose to buy into a form package without knowing if the particular form is valid in my state ?  

You'll find the best companies offer you a guarantee of some kind and believe so strongly in their product that the small percent who do return a product is just so small that it doesn't matter that much. I've even seem some Real Estate vendor offer a one year questions asked.........that's impressive and while it might not be a perfect barometer of the product at least it gives you some kind of confidence in your purchase.

I came away with the feeling that I was dealing with a low quality company based only on today's experience. 

I hope you have a better experience.  

@Bruce M. - If I had this experience I would assume if the company really believed in their product, they would make sure to be available for customer support. Unless the price was low enough I wouldn't care to lose it, I would either find another source or wait a bit until they respond, if they do...

funny I just heard back from them a few minutes after posting this.....turns out they are a front end it seems to I'll need to check all this out....sure wish they would have communicated doubt that needs to be improved

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