Phil Pustejovsky's team asked me for $25-40k to get started

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Today a member of Phil's team named Chris Hall hit me up for a $25-40k upfront investment, so I'm here doing some research first. Such a partnership sounds worthy of launching a formal contract to define non-performance and to make their promised reimbursement policy enforceable. I don't have any reason to doubt their expertise at this point, but have no way to make sure they will follow through. I've also never heard of them asking anyone else to "invest" this much up front, have you?

Most likely this won’t be worth what you’re paying them. There are no secrets in real estate. Just lots of perseverance and self education.

@Caleb = so true

@Chris, Don’t waste your hard earned money.

I went to 2 seminars like this company before, and they just don’t work… at least for me and the people in our class. We first went to an “orientation” for free, and they threw out all kinds of statistics of how easy ones can make money. After the first freebie, they asked for $5K for a two-day-class, where they will walk us through their RE process/technique of finding deals, finding lenders, etc.

After the two-day class, they asked for $20K if you want continue work with them directly to find, analyze and purchase deals. However, when we asked for former successful students, where we can ask/interact with them… the school only shown us slides of active members, but not real persons. Their reason was that these members are from Florida, and not in California.

I paid $5K for the two day class for one of these schools back in 2006, and got a whole bunch of books, which I can purchase from Amazon (except in different covers).

I believe that the best way to learn and invest in RE is spend lots of time research on BP, and educate yourself through books.

Good luck

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