Marko Rubel his Unlimited Funding program

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Has anyone heard of or about Marko Rubel and his unlimited funding program? Hi I'm new here as well as new to RE, just seen a few videos and a webinar. Everything sounds good, but if anyone has any real life experience or anything concrete it would be helpful.

Was victimized a few years ago due to a scam, bc of the scammer being from out of the US the financial institution held me liable, as a result my background hv bn permanently marked and hv rcvd certain restrictions. I also lost everything I had aquired and am left with nothing literally starting over @ 53 with a wife (has a disablity), a daughter (19), a stepdaughter (who's pregnant), and 2 grandchildren all under my care... 

...I mentioned this so that you wld hv an understanding of my desire, need to succeed in this; so I'm looking for the fastest and the least expensive way to get started in REI, my wife and my grandbabies are my motovation.

Outside of Marko Rubel's Unlimited Funding Program, I would need some serious guidance, suggestions, directions, 'D' all of the above. I am willing to put in the work. First let me ask this, 'is this a good time to get into RE and I am interested in a US wide market.

Please, I welcome all info and insite, suggestions  and advice,  counseling and directing I encouragingly invite...

I know nothing about the unlimited funding program. Just based on the name I’m skeptical. In fact I’m skeptical of all paid REI coaching programs. There’s no substitute for learning yourself, and some things can’t be properly learned until you experience them. This is a challenging time to invest. It’s a seller’s market and valuations are high, but opportunities exist. You need to develop your own business model based on your situation. You need to factor in your time, resources, risk tolerance, investment goals, etc. Once you’ve defined your business it will determine your selection criteria for properties. All the info you need to start is available gratis on BP.

@Jeff Ronningen thank you sir, you're absolutely correct. Because I'm a baby at/in this I will have to puree what you have given and take small bites. What I had in mind was to do quick flips of pretty houses, right before they go into foreclosure giving those in need a way out before the damage is done; wanted/needed to build some capitol asap as earlier mentioned and as per needed in REI. Was hoping for a faster/shorter way due to not a lot of time available to/for me as per my state but I understand must burn some midnight oil, again thank for making it plain...

Good Day BP Family, Dwayne here... ...I pray all is going great for everyone! I've been doing a lot of research, studying, and learning. Presently I'm taking some courses, semi/webinars, and reading lots of materials. Considering my present state (Newbie/Beginner), I know that it's going to be a lot of work; my question to my BP Fam is, what is the difference between wholesaling and quick flips (as is), is there any? I'm trying to choose a niche to get started with then build upon that, so right now I want to start bringing in some capital asap to substantiate and grow my business from there. I have quite a bit I desire to do but because I am a baby in REI I understand that I have to crawl first. "Is there such thing as Speed Crawl, lol" If anyone gets a second or to please get back to me...

...I also want to send a great big ole bear hug of a thank you to everyone that responded to my inquiry regarding Marko Rubel. In advance to my BP Fam here I extend that 'great big ole bear hug of a thank you' to all will respond to this inquiry, I appreciate you for taking time out of you day to respond to 'lil ole me', my BP Family is the best!

Looks like he has a book for sale on Amazon for minimal cost.  In your shoes I would buy the book, read it and share the ideas here in the forums before you commit to giving him any funds. You are rightfully cautious and your feelings may be justified.  Most of the real estate education can be found for free in blogs, forums, podcasts and with minimal commitment, in books.  Doing some internet searches, it looks like he has a software system, he wants to sell people  to find foreclosures, and make "subject to" offers.    Here is a quick summary of a "subject-to" :

"What are the advantages of “subject-to”?

The biggest advantage is that you are buying without the need to qualify for a new loan. When you purchase a property “subject-to” the existing mortgage, the seller is agreeing to allow you to take possession of their property, and pay their existing mortgage payments. Since you are not qualifying for a new loan, and the existing loan is in the sellers name, it is the sellers credit that is at risk, instead of the buyer. This means that a buyer can buy the property without having to worry about having good credit."

Good luck!