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Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has ever herd of this guru Sean Whalen who is the owner of what used to be the Empower Group and is now called property 23? From the research I have done he looks like another marketing guy. His background is in being an amateur fighter in the mixed martial arts world. I guess he couldn't make his big debut there so he decided to get into real estate. What he offers is properties he will sell you at wholesale and even help you find an end buyer. It starts to smell like BS because why would he not just find his own end buyer? Another thing that makes it smell like BS is the fact that he will allow you to purchase his property on a credit card. He has vacant properties he will sell you that you can flip and others occupied by tenants for a rental income and hold property. He does a lot of the hype claims as the other gurus. Personally I do not believe that this is real because if he has the ability to obtain all these properties why would he not just line up his own end buyers and get rid of them or become a landlord himself? Instead he has created this group in which he will sell you the properties and his staff is suppose to hold your hand through the whole process to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to do these deals.
What I have read on the internet is his company hires college grads who are paid on a high commission bases from any product they sell. Not sure if there is any truth to the claims or not. There are claims out there that also state that these college grads are doing high pressure sales in real estate for the high commissions and are not licensed as Realtor in any state they sell. Not sure if any of the things I read are true or not.
If he truly has properties he is wholesaling then I may be interested in taking a closer look. Right now though it smells like too much BS. Therefore before I look behind the curtain and have to find out at a high cost that it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors I would like to know if anyone has had any type of experience with him or his company?

Hmmm, it's not THIS Sean Whalen, is it?

Formerly called based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

I personally met the Cleveland "Sean" once over a year ago. He never mentioned anything about prize-fighting and didn't come off as a "Guru", just a hard-working dude making his living by renting out properties in Ohio.

You can look at the photos on the web sites and see if they're the same person, a skill I'm terrible at. But my guess is we're talking two different bubba's.

Yes it is 2 different people. The one I am talking about can be found on.

He originates from Virginia and now lives in Utah. This is the Sean Whalen I am interested in learning more about.
The other Sean Whalen does look like he is an honest hard worker.
Thank you for the effort though I hope someone knows this guy.

Hi Tom,

Sean Whalen here.

I saw your post and wanted to respond to you directly. Not to sound to cheesy but my favorite quote is "Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow". I tell you that so you know why the fighting thing is not on the top of my priority list right now. It happened to be on my bucket list (I have a lot of fun stuff on my bucket list), and I was only going to take one fight to say I had done it.. Well with my personality, when I really like something I tent to get into it big time! 2 wins, and 2 losses later I can honestly say that it was a riot to fight, and I'm really glad I did it! It's one hell of a way to get into shape, plus it's a fantastic sport! Cant say that I wont ever do it again, but until there are no more real estate deals to do, I'm 1,000% focused on my business and my future so fighting will have to wait!

That being said, let me also make one thing crystal clear to you, I AM NOT A REAL ESTATE GURU. Let me repeat that, I AM NOT A GURU that has an infomercial to try and convince you to buy something you dont need or cant use. Armando Montelongo and the likes could not be any more different that me. You might say yea whatever Sean, but let me share something with you. If you went to my site right now, you could literally FOR FREE with NO SIGN UP FEE or ANY OTHER FEE buy a cash flowing investment property. Investment properties no different than if you called your real estate agent and asked him or her to find you some killer deals. Property that WILL PUT MONEY IN YOUR POCKET every month... I would be willing to bet you could search the massive internet world and not find a link from ANY GURU that will let you do this without at some point asking you to sign up for a monthly fee or buy some training course for tens of thousands of dollars etc.
I state this simply because I like to let the deals do the talking.

If you are interested in more training on HOW to make money in real estate, I AM NOT YOUR GUY and I can not help you! If however you realize that now is the time to be buying, and you are looking to do so in a very simple turn key way, I CAN DO THAT WITH YOU.
With that clear, let me tell you WHY I do what I do. About 3 years ago I started attending Tax Deed auctions in multiple states. I started picking up a few properties here and few properties there. Friends and associates started seeing what I was doing and they began having me buy property for them while I was at these auctions. I found that there was such a strong demand, that I could attend auctions, buy property, and sell them for a small haircut of a profit, and do it over and over again in a very short period of time. That is what I did a few years back, and that is what I do now. What you get from me and my company Tom is a very simple and direct opportunity. An opportunity to buy a property.

The average American right now is working a 9-5 (or more!) job. They already have all the books and training material on HOW to get rich in real estate, but they are NOT getting rich because they can not do what I do. That simply is travel the country and connect with the right government, bank and institution agencies to buy these Foreclosures, Tax Deeds & REO. I dont say that to be rude, but honestly ask around to your friends and associates. I bet you that more than 90% of the people that have ever bought a real estate education course have NEVER bought property that they were instructed on how to buy.

Over the last 3 years I have built a network of people that work directly with me and only me who can literally buy, rehab and rent an investment property creating a 10-25% ROI, and I can do this in a shorter period of time than it would probably take you just to get on Google and find a good contractor. Again, I dont say that to be rude, I say that because it is a fact.

That is what I do, ad that is what I do well. I with my company Property23 make investing in the deals you read about in the paper and hear about all over the news a reality for EVERYONE, and I do it WITHOUT you having to pay fees, join clubs, or deal with BS.

I could go on and on Tom. Another thing I do well in addition to real estate is talk! I'm a very straight forward and excited person. You can call it "marketing" or whatever you want, but I can honestly say that there has NEVER been a time in my lifetime to invest in such amazing real estate deals, so yes, I AM EXCITED AND I WANT EVERYONE TO BE EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!

I'm including my direct email and office number below so you can call me and we can talk about fighting, getting punched in the face or twisted up like a pretzel, how to retire in the next few months, why I'm so handsome, how I'm blessed to have such a great wife when I'm such a crazy guy, or anything else that's on your mind!

Hopefully this answers some of your questions about me, my company and what I do.

I look forward to talking with you, and have fun investing!


Hello non-Cleveland Sean. :mrgreen:

I notice you're in Utah, but none of your properties are. What can you tell me about the Ogden market? I'm looking specifically at South Ogden.


Honestly Mitch I could not tell you much about the South Ogden market. As you mention I dont invest much here in Utah because there are far better deals elsewhere. If you would like me to help you locate some folks that might be able to help you I'd be happy to try and connect you with someone.

Originally posted by Sean Whalen:
If you would like me to help you locate some folks that might be able to help you I'd be happy to try and connect you with someone.

Thanks Sean. I already know some people in Ogden, but since they're property managers/owners, their views about investing in their city are a little biased. :wink:

I figured somebody who lives in Utah might have a little better feel for the investing outlook there. For example, they would know more about Utah state laws that impact landlords, the rates and paths of new development, the performance of local schools, where the crime is, etc.

Any and all opinions are appreciated. Thanks again.

Hi Tom,

I don't know anything about this guy or his company personally, but I do know someone who just got royally screwed by Property 23. I was looking at their site and it says they do all due dil for you and they get comps from RealQuest and check out tax records, etc.

I know for a fact that - at least on the property they sold to a person I met thru the GDREIA - they sold it for a price many MANY times above what RealQuest comps are and they surely did not know the neighborhood because it is smack in the middle of a gang area. Repairs are around $45K (just to make it livable). Pics were not recent. By the way, the house wouldn't even be able to be sold for $1000, let alone what this person paid for it.

This company has quite a few complaints of wrongdoing against them on the internet if you do a search on Property 23.

It all goes with doing your due dil. It is important.

Again, don't know anything about them myself, but I do know one person that was taken in by their hype and believed it.

I don't know this company.If I had a company such as this I wouldn't be pitching so hard to sell it.

Just direct people to your site where they can contact third party after third party that bought from you.

Third party endorsements you can talk to are much more powerful than someone blowing hot air.

I could talk or write for 30 minutes but giving 3 references people can call and hear from them directly is MUCH more powerful and credible.

I am not talking about one investor out of ten you sold to that is happy.I am talking having 7,8,9 different buyers you can talk to.

No matter how good you are there will always be a dissatisfied consumer but if half to a majority are not happy it shows a trend of selling bum deals.

Endorsements from non-affiliated parties are key to growing an honest and credible business.