Failed my first attempt at the course exam

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Why is it that after i failed my first attempt at the course exam, the school will not tell me what questions or sections i struggled on? You would think that a school that truly cared about producing competent, successful agents would be constructive and would want to help their students to focus on the subjects they fell short on, right? Now i just have to retake the test and hope i do better! I’m taking the cram course in June so i hope that helps tremendously. I went in there so confident and ready to take this test. And I’m still shocked that i didn’t pass. Other than a few math questions i know i missed, i felt very good with the material. I just wish the school would tell me where i fell short so that i can focus on that, but they don’t. 

* I took the online course from Ga MLS Training Institute in Tucker, Ga.