Can anyone give me feedback re: the Nick Vertucci 3-day course

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Hi Angela, I recently signed up for Nick's 3-Day workshop myself coming up in August. At first I too was skeptical, especially now that I was recently let go of my job (like 2 weeks ago) I'm gonna  do everything in my power to make this work. They state that if doesn't work for you, they will gladly refund your tuition back. 

Don't be afraid, and have the courage to learn something new and if you put in the effort I'm sure you will reap the rewards.

Hi, my name is Jim I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am going to the free 2 hour event for Nick Vertucci on August 7th. I just started contemplating about being a real estate investor about 2 months ago. I have been reading some books, working on going to a few meet ups, and signing up for free events. There are a lot of negative reviews, but I think as long as there is some knowledge to gain it cannot hurt. Now if the 3 day seminar is just a big up sale event, then that kind of activity really angers me. That is what I have been going through the past couple of months. One of the reasons I have joined this community is to work on meeting people to find a mentor, partners, and learn about this business. I just started so I do not have those things yet. Education by seminars and workshops are hard to decipher whether they are scams or people really wanting to give knowledge. Good luck.

Nick is a personal friend of mine I have known him and done business with him since 2002...  keep in mind he is a trainer and he is selling training.. 

However if you make it to his big event which does cost a fair amount of money .. the content is quite detailed and you will learn how to or what to do to find rehab and resell.. and a lot of detail about rehabbing from all major components costs etc.. one of the big rooms is a deconstructed house and he has experts in from each trade.. 

He is proud of what he has built and I know he does stand behind his product.. I have not read the guarantees personally.  However I do know personally I have funded at least 500 deals over the years for his students.. or his clients as he started as a turn key marketer.. so he knows the business.   Keep a level head.. and do realize that like most things that have really big money potential it takes a lot of work a lot of drive and some capital..

I don't know anything about that course, but even if the information is good, how much do you hope to retain after a 3 day course? Maybe try to find something that doesn't limit you to such a short "boot-camp" type thing.


My business partner and I signed up for the Nick Vertucci, dog and pony show after we attended the local 2 hr and then 2 day training. We were new in real estate and didnt know about all the local trainings we could've attended. The 2 day training was all pressure tactics and they use your emotions to get you to sign up for the expensive program which was held in CA where they present on a huge stage with lights and music with a party atmosphere.  3 days of partying and only enough content to demonstrate some possibilities in RE. Nothing to really get your business started. During the event, they had lots of different vendors outside the auditorium that take even more of your money. We signed up for the lawyer that would work on a trust for us and provide the completed document after we returned home. My Trust document was full of errors and contained other peoples information. It looked like the lawyer was cutting and pasting info into the document and doing an extremely poor job of it. We tried multiple times to get the document corrected and even to just get a blank copy to complete ourselves..nothing..another waste of money. SEED Capital was another company there that didnt deliver. I dont even want too get into that one. My business partner signed us up for the 3 day coaching......the cost was outrageous for 3 days. What we got for our 3 day coaching expense was, our coach helped us find a realtor that could locate discounted properties for us, we toured a couple houses, and put in an offer. He showed us how determine the rehab costs, and he showed us some excel spreadsheets he used. And never heard from him again. We were then to call somebody out of state if we had any additional questions. And the most frightening concern during our connection with the Vertucci group, was when my business partner invested his money with 2 other students. One student came highly recommended by Nick's team so we thought they knew what they were doing. 3 investments with their top student and the student had trouble selling all 3 properties and didnt make a dime off of any, neither did my business partner and they had his money tied up for a year with not even a penny profit. Our coach had recommended that a second student contact us and that deal almost went belly up. We are still trying to collect half the principal back from him. Do I have anything good to say about this experience with this out of town Guru? No, none at all. I cringe every time I hear his radio commercial. Here's some safe advice, Stay Local and join your REIAs and Meetup groups.........much, much, less expensive training(compared to Gurus) with much better content.

Sorry for the long post but needed to comment on my disastrous experience.