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Hi everyone,

I am looking for feedback on the Residential Assisted Living Academy based out of Arizona. Has anyone taken this course and if so what is your take on the business model and the course itself?



Hi Kyle:

I came on here to research them myself as they recently reached out to me. I am in Chandler (next to Tempe) so I'm going to set up a meeting to meet Gene in person soon.

I am interested in this space and I can lend on these properties so I have high hopes :)


So, after Gene (or Gene's VA or automated software? ) reached out to me I tried sending several messages back and then tried sending email. I did not get any response. I then found their phone number and called. I reached a lady who explained to me that the Tempe, Arizona address is just a PO Box they use and that they are a group of folks all across the county running the Academy as a virtual business. She said that I can buy the online training through their website and they do live training every now and again and I can also find that info on the website. I asked If there was anyone in Tempe I could meet with in person and she said no the Tempe address is just a mail service they use.

That's all I know for now. If I actually hear from Gene, I will post it here. 

I joined RAL newsletter a few months ago.  I received an email from them, and I'm copying the website here, inviting me to their national convention.

I know someone from BP took the course last year I believe, and was happy with it.  You can search the forum.

I'm interested in this subject too.  Let's share information~!

I purchased the class last week and in my opinion it's not worth the money.  Extremely high level and it's his tool to upsell his very expensive consulting course.  This course does not provide you with enough value to start your own facility without more knowledge.  Most courses I've purchased have included document libraries to access, he charges extra for this.  Just my two cents.

Disclosure: I am the Founder of the RAL Academy

Hello Kyle, DeWitt and Eve.

I haven't checked in on BP in awhile so I am just seeing this thread now.  I will respond to all of your questions here and try to be helpful.  

First of all, DeWitt,

I apologize for the impersonal response. If you reached out through LinkedIn, that would have been an automated or VA response. That isn't very personal I realize but it does help us get inquiries to the right person. I am glad that you found our number which is on our website and in my BP profile as well. That call was probably handled by the COO, Isabelle. She is terrific and I am glad that she was able to answer your questions in person.

Actually she had mentioned that someone called asking a few weeks back asking for a meeting with me in person and  about the office address.  I assume that was you.  I have been traveling a lot and setting up meetings has been more difficult than usual.  Just so that you better understand,  We are located in Gilbert AZ at this time but we do not have regular office hours and we are not set up for in person visits in our current office. I was traveling 23 days out of 31 in August.  Phone appointments work best for me.

Our support staff and consulting team is based all over the country since we are always looking for the very best people to have on our team.  The core of the company, myself and a handful of staff, are based here in AZ.  There are 12+ people on the team in total.

As you can imagine we do get a lot of calls and I assume that she did offer to set up a phone appointment, we call that a discovery session, with a member of our team.  If you have a specific product or service that would be helpful to our students, we are open for that conversation as well.  

That sounds like what you wanted to discuss and I would like to hear more about that.

Our students do need knowledgable lenders and brokers and we are constantly referring good resources to them.  Lets connect on that topic if you would like to share more with us about what you do.  I don't know what email you sent any communications to that were not responded to but I will give you one that will work and will get a response.


If you would like to share more about what you do and how we might be able to work together, pease send an email and ask for a phone appointment with me.  Let them know that we were in communication on BP.  I appreciate that and I would be happy to set up that time to speak directly with you.

Regarding the trainings themselves.  We hold eight 3 day training events every year all here in AZ.  People come in from across the country for the training.   We have a class this coming weekend in fact.  We are also holding our 2nd annual National Convention on October 4-7, in Scottsdale AZ.  If you would like to meet in person and talk with hundreds of others that are in this industry, that would be a great opportunity for you as well.  

If any of you are interested in learning more about that event, go to our website and use the promo code RAL200 for a discount


I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your online training experience.  We are very proud of it and would love to get your feedback from your experience.  In fact, I assume the team reached out and asked you how they could help you get started.  

I concur that coming to the live class is a much better option since it allows for a lot more information to be presented by our national team of instructors and there are 3 days for you to get all of your questions answered there as well.  A big part of doing this business is seeing the homes in action.  That happens at the live event but not online of course.  

I am serious when I say, I want you to be happy and to learn what you need the way you need to get the information.  If you decide you would like to come to the live class, let us know and we would be happy to discuss how we can make that happen for you.  I realize that we can't please or help everyone but that never stopped me from trying. Reach out if you would like to discuss that.


Thank you for giving the two websites.  We would love to share with you more about this industry and how you can be a part of it if you would like that.  You can always PM me to set up a phone appointment.

Do Good and Do Well,

Gene Guarino

I am currently taking Gene's online course, and I love it. I have been out of real estate for about 10 years, and his information is good from my perspective. It's is geared more towards the business than the real estate so far. I think it definitely depends on where you are coming from on weather you find it useful. Now I just need a lender😉