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Last Week I attended 4 Day RE seminar given by Zack Childress in NJ. He is charging $ 25K for mentoring for 6 months and $ 1500 for his MLS Gorilla Software. Does any body have any opinion about Zack Childress and his these programs?

You're better off using that $25K for actual real estate investing instead of wasting it on some guru.

Did you mean to say 25 THOUSAND dollars??? Dude, you can buy a house for that in some places.

You can make a down payment on a good rental just about anywhere for $25K (if its more that $100K, its probably not your best bet for a rental.) Or, if you're doing fix and flips, that will give you a nice kitty to make a hard money lender happy. Or, if you want to wholesale, you can send a lot of postcards for $25K. Might not buy a four year degree these days, but it would pay for books and tuition at most of the state universities here in CO. That's a lot of money!

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

Wow...that is simply unbelievable. I would have to question the thought process of anyone who would consider that.

What exactly is 1500 for MLS gorilla software? For less than that you can get a license and pay dues and then work your own deals.....25k please tell me that's a typo.


It would be safer and better and more profitable to save the $25,000 and regularly attend a local Real Estate Investment group. Read BP daily and ask questions. Go to your local library and read many books. Many (most, all?) gurus are not worth the money, especially at that price. They have no secrets. Some reasonably price ($100?) courses may be good. Check ebay.

It is your own drive and ambition (and God's will) that will make you successful.

The replies are a bit harsh above but they are trying to protect you. All the posters will give advise on how to proceed and do well in REI. BP is free, available 24/7, nonfatting, but may become addictive.


Hi Sam,

What did the 4 day seminar cover? Was it useful?

I've heard people say that they've learned the complete run down of how to wholesale REOs, is it true?

And I've heard that they can just start wholesaling REOs with this information, was it really that comprehensive?? Did they go over contracts as well??

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Spend a few weeks exploring this site. you will easily learn most of what you would spend the 25k on. Its not unusual from what I see for marketers of this type of material to charge this type of fee. Its a steep price for hand holding. I have also seen similar fees for programs like multiple streams of income and the like. they offer some good info but nothing you cant find right here.

Just wanted to make a quick note to my prior post. I mention Multiple streams of income as an example of the type of training available, this I do not in any way recommend this program offered by Robert Allan. My opinion regarding all of these programs is that most are of marginal value and charge fees that border on the criminal. I have attended many meeting touting many gurus over the years an have not found any i could recommend. I did find one seminar which of course was mostly Hype from Robert Allan that answered many of the questions you posed in your post. I also found the same information on this site for free. I do NOT recommend spending 25K or anywhere near that to get this same information.

Going to bump this up...

Just recently launched his "product", but I'd avoid this one too. Duncan Wierman did a great write-up as to why, but I took a look at the pre-launch stuff and could tell right away this "product" would offer nothing new/be re-hashed junk.

Yep, add to it him charging $25K for coaching and forget it...almost sounds like Karen Hanover re-dux.

Matt- This is very funny I just got one of Zach's email this morning.

i get so many "guru" solicitations including this guy. don"t do it. only hard work and market knowledge have worked for me. whoever sent you that email link is getting a commission from you if you purchase. if they could sell houses then why are they wasting time touting the next new program/software.

go to the courthouse and grind. wholesale deals and build investors.


there are 12 properties under 20k on this month's sales roster. hate that you spent that on that class. wonder why we never see the "gurus" on these forums?

I totally agree. Most "gurus" must have either a big Ego or not making money in the real world! :)
I have been in real estate for over 20 years and I have mentored/coached dozens of investors in exchange for partnering on deals or for very little money.
I do get satisfaction in helping other people making money and I am still an active investor myself.
Beware of these gurus and also their ground-breaking ways of making money in real estate: it is just old real estate philosophy repackaged in a new box!
Let's see where they are in 2030! :)

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I could sell you one house rent ready, and almost fit in one fixer upper for the 25k.

And I will hold your hand through the process of buying it from us and renting it out. At least you would get some cash flow and equity out of that.

Jimmy C., L & E Property Holdings Inc | [email protected] | 7272907615 |

I'll make you all a deal. I'll tell you everything I know about buying REO's, and I won't charge you a dime. There are plenty to go around, and the quicker we can all plow through this inventory, the quicker all of our other property values get back on track!

I'm no expert, I'm no guru, and I have nothing to sell. That said, wasn't there some ancient wise man that said something about the more mistakes you make the more wise you are? Or is that one of those "convenient", no one correct me :)

It's July 3rd 2015 and this thread seems a couple of years old, but today, I am on a webinar by Zack and came here to see what Bigger Pockets had to say about him.

But, now I have something to contribute! His "secret" software for getting the leads from all the websites is a system I bought from a VA on Fiverr for $5.00!

Plus, I've heard that web posts are where all the competition looks for deals and so I don't see how this guy has any secrets.

I know this thread is old but any possibility of sharing the system and the VA name on Fiverr ?