Need Advice on paying for real estate programs to learn more.

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Greetings, I went to a summit today hosted by Daymond John in Bethesda, MD. I learned a lot of great and inspiring things. I am looking to get into real estate wholesaling and they had great speakers there. One of the speakers were Tarek and Christina El Moussa who host flip or flop on HGTV. They are offering a 3 day class that cost $5000, but if you purchased it at the summit it'll only cost $997, and you have the option of bringing a +1. They work through selling your first deal, and coach you as well. They also have a money back guarantee. You get 100% of your tuition returned if you do not close profitable deals in the first 6 months. I decided to invest in myself, and try this out. I am a 22 yr old senior at University of Maryland College Park, and I am really interested in Real Estate, and I would like any opinions on this class or is it a scam. I don't really have a support system (hence i've been on my own since age 14) so I go out seeking opportunities on my own, and calling various people for advice. 

@Jimmy Samai you've come to the right place. Bigger pockets has all you will nees to become successful in realestate. Plus it will be much less $$$, and will save you from feeling buyer's remorse.

Hi @Jimmy Samai , ultimately the decision is up to you on whether or not you want to try out the course. If you think it will help to prepare you better to get into wholesaling, then go for it. I am always a little skeptical of all the "coaching" seminars out there, I am sure that some are good, and others are not. 

However, I don't know if that is absolutely necessary in order to get your started. BP is a great resource between podcasts, blog posts and connecting with other wholesalers on here to understand what it takes to get started. The first step that I recommend is just finding a few BP podcast episodes from wholesalers and listen to them a few times. There may be some books out there specifically for wholesalers as well (I am not sure of any myself, but haven't looked into it before). You should start doing as much research as you can on your own before you go spending your hard earned money.

@Jimmy Samai

All real estate is local. The most important thing you can do is to hook up with investors in your area to learn your local laws, closing attorneys (or title companies), how to buy, investors you can sell the wholesale deals to, etc.

Reading online is a great back up, but you must connect locally. Check out NationalREAI. com,, local landlord association meetings, anything you can attend locally will teach you more than anything you can buy from a national guru who knows nothing about you or your local market.

And BiggerPockets is always here for you! Good luck.

Host flip or flop on HGTV is a red flag- Are they really teaching you how to act in a reality show or teach you about whole sell?  The fees are reasonable no worse than other get rich quick seminars.  Wholesaling is about the most challenging profession unless you have been successful in selling used cars. 

I'll admit it,  I signed up for one of their classes, and later cancelled after seeing reviews online.  As mentioned above, I found someone local to learn from and that has been very productive.  At the meetings you go to try to meet other attendees and follow the general advice on this site by seeing how you can add value for them.  You'd be surprised at the connections you can make.  I mentor someone I found on Biggerpockets for free because they had project management experience that was helpful to me in my business!  Now he is starting to wholesale me deals!

Good luck to you, you came to the right place-