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Randy Eastwood and Joel Block from our fund attended last year. They said it was okay, but not as good as Joel's syndication seminar.

If you PM me I can get you their contact information so you can pick their brain about the experience. The networking seemed to be the best part of the conference.....which is usually the case.

Bryan, I went to the one in Vegas in 2010. It was worth the time and the networking was excellent. I am considering going to the one this year in Fort Lauderdale. I have a number of new connections in Florida and would make a dual purpose trip out of it.

Hi Chris. I received your PM and will respond soon.

Is the one in Fort Lauderdale the only one this year? My wife is having twins early this year so it will be difficult to make that one, but if there is one later in the year I'd probably be game for it.

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Pitbull Conference is designed for brokers and investors looking for unique opportunities in private money lending. Normally, brokers attend because they are looking for new funding sources and lenders attend attend because they are looking for deal flow and investment capital.  We discuss syndication, real estate funds and rehab and small balance commercial loans.

I know this is an old thread, but I just got an email about the upcoming event in Florida. Kind of short notice for me but curious if any members here will be attending or had and words or experiences they would like to share. Success stories as a result of the event is always welcomed

Hi James,

For years I was Director Of Business for Pitbull Conference. I am biased, as my father is Leonard Rosen, so take this with a grain of salt.  I was just at the last event in Scottsdale, AZ as a Fund Manager, not part of the Pitbull Team. Since last month, I havent been to an event in a few years. I was blown away by the size of players that were at the event. The content was cutting edge, and I left feeling really good about where I am going. 

With that being said, the event is not for everyone. It really all depends on where you want to go with your ventures. Do you want to be a lender? Looking for capital? 

Hope this helps

-Matt (808)741-3700

I attended one of these in Vegas a few years ago along with some members of our private equity fund that does hard money loans.  I would save your money and attend Joel Block's symposium.  

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Hi @Bevla Reeves, allow me to jump in and help. A few years ago, i might agree with @bryan Hancock on some level. But in most recent years, our events have grown tremendously, and serve as the marketplace in Private Lending.

Call me for more details.

Dm for more details

All the best 


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