10x Growth Conference

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Has anyone been to 10x Growth Con? Do you recommend it? We have two small children so it's hard for both my husband and I to get away but we'd like to go to a REIA/ business conference in 2019. I just want to make sure we are going to a good one!

Hi Lauryn,

I attended a 10x Growth last year.  It was a high energy event that certainly left you motivated and impressed. He had some great speakers that year.  Kevin Hartington from Shark Tank among them.  I was able to network with a lot of great entrepreneurs and investors there. They do spend time upselling you to Cardone University but I didn't find it annoying.  It was mostly in between all the speakers for a few minutes while they were doing prep.  

@Lauryn Meadows

I went to 10X Growth Con 2 last year as it was in my back yard here in Las Vegas. It was great experience and i networked and learned a lot from the guest speakers and from Grant and Elanea as well. The networking alone to expand your business thru contacts that you meet at the conference is worth it!! Everything else, any motivators and techniques you pick up and employ to increase or 10X your life and productivity are a bonus. 

On a side note i went last year and i didn't end up doing Cardone University until the black Friday special blow out price that Grant had and i saw the deal and jumped on it. I have to invest in myself first before I invest in anything else. Sales is life and i wanted to take learning the skills and art of sales, negotiating and closing very seriously so i went with the best. I love Cardone U its really a killer online platform and its worth every penny if you ask me. Sales is everything!!!