'FREE' Than Merril seminar,,,free??????

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Call me skeptical,,,Than Merrill from 'Flip this house' TV show has a radio ad running right now. says he has a 'free' seminar next week for '20' callers and there friend to attend and learn how to make 10 to 40K per house flip. Also said using NO money of your own.

Any one had similiar in there town?? Whats the hook? Would YOU go?

Hard up-sell to a 40K+ "mentorship"

The 3-day seminar is free and there is a lot of good information shared on those three days, but ultimately it is an opportunity to buy a home study course, buy a coaching package or get direction on how to buy real estate passively.

Like every other seminar, but with one big difference - these guys are actually still doing hundreds of deal each year and still make a ton of money flipping and holding. I'm biased because I do a lot of projects with them and have been managing portfolios of properties for them here in Memphis for the last three years. IF you were looking for the right people to follow and learn from, I personally do not think there is any group of people better than fortune builders.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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"Hard up-sell to a 40K+ "mentorship".

I do not know Than so can't comment on them.They were always entertaining to watch on TV.

It sounds like to me at 40k a pop times 100 you would get 4,000,000 cash.Sounds like they take cash from coaching to fund more of their private deals.

It's cheap money versus finding private or hard money.

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I enjoyed the 3 day seminar in San Diego. Had lunch with Than. It's all marketing. But I did pick up a lot of useful bits and connected with some now friends. I considered it a learning experience

this is only a one night deal. Starts tonight at 6 pm local time,,,dont know how long it lasts.

Signed up and primed for it tonight. Will know more tommorrow. Report to follow.

I also enjoy their show and think it quite good

I just saw they were here in FW for a "Fortune Builders" seminar last week.

Shane Woods, 2nd Chance Properties

I attended one of their mentees seminars on wholesaling. It was worth the few hundred I spent to attend. I can still call the two guys I met there and ask for questions and help. We also formed somewhat of a networking group and help to market each others deals for a split of the assignment fee.

The thing that appealed to me about the upsell was not that I got to shake Than's hand and get a smack on the behind as the next guy came up, but that they have real world systems in place to run the business like a finely oiled machine. I don't have mentor money soooo. I keep watching what they offer on the mailing list and learning. IMO they run things very smart.

What else I wanted to add was as REI's we are entreprenuers first, real estate is our vehicle. There are a handful of people I respect on this forum who I would gladly pay a couple hundred dollars to spend two days over a weekend answering my questions and sharing their wisdom. Seems to me like the success they enjoy can be passed on as another income stream for them while helping newbies.

$40 grand!?! I wonder what the statistics are. I'd bet a high percentage of those that dropped $40k could have bought a couple of retail deals, rented them out, and made more money than they did after the program.

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@Just Don Did you attend the seminar? They're advertising in our market and have a couple seminar's scheduled for next week. Worth attending?

I went, I saw, I heard,,,,not alot we dont talk about here!!!!

It reminded me of a high school pep rally before homecoming game.

The radio ad I heard made it sound like seating limited to 20 investor and able to take a guest/spouse,,,,so 40 people max. There were over 200 there. And when I registered there was a choice of 6 or 8 different time/ date slots.

At the end of the seminar it is all geared up to have you sign up for there three day seminar for $197. Of course only room for 45 attendees but over 60 wanted a sign up sheet.

I had a time conflict with dates so didnt even think of it. I am sure,,,,well I suspect that during the three day course they also push a mentorship for a goodly sum.

They didnt over sell too badly, said it was what it is,,,maybe oversold the ease a bit.

Over all not a bad thing to hear. But thinking of it, glad I can come here and do basic same thing. But I am old school. For a newbie with zero experience it might be what they need,,,maybe not!!!

Would I go again? Not a chance. Glad I went,saw , heard,,,now I know!!!!

Thanks @Just Don ! Probably will attend with my wife. Might be something for her to experience since she's still a little hesitant moving forward with REI.

I just don't get it.How about just attending your local investors club meetings.

Find a a broker that is also an investor.You will gain LOCAL knowledge and the broker lands a client.No high fees needed.

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You are absolutely right! I am just unaware of time place and location of any such group. I actually live in two different places depending on day of the week,,,so day of week is most important.

The smaller town I live in,,,I really doubt such a group exists. Any tips for finding such a group? (being a newbie to larger town of residence)


I attended the Fortune Builders Seminar in Kansas City last week. I was and am still a little skeptical....The seminar basically was a brief overview of their system and a sales pitch to convince you to come to their 3-day workshop...and I fell for it...

I am attending the 3 day workshop here in Kansas City next week. It is only $100 (I'm splitting the $200 fee with my friend) for a 3 day workshop, and I think it might even include food...if it does I will basically be paying $15 bucks a meal and hopefully learn a thing or two about REI and meet some local real estate investors...

...$100 isn't much for something that I will hopefully be able to use for the rest of my REI career...the speaker kept saying educating yourself is the best investment you can make, I tend to agree...

I will check back-in after the workshop to let you know how it went..


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The free seminar was simply the gateway drug. The $200 workshop is just a glorified sales pitch to buy their next level of product, and so on...and so on...until they have bled you dry. No REAL education will be done. Just throw you enough tidbits to keep you coming.

You know you are falling for it, but you still fall for it and then try to justify it using the guru's own words. Priceless.

Originally posted by Just Don:

The smaller town I live in,,,I really doubt such a group exists. Any tips for finding such a group? (being a newbie to larger town of residence)

It is definitely a hard upsell, but having said that, they provide real information and are the real deal. They continue to do deals and run coaching programs at the same time. They are one of the few gurus I highly recommend.

As for a REIA, your profile doesn't list your location so I can't look it up for you. NationalREIA.com has a page listing local REIA's and you could also check Meetup. Sometimes a REIA will have a Meetup posting to connect with more attendees. And try a google search. If they've been around a while you should be able to find them. Try "Mytown Mystate real estate investor" and other variations. Also, if your town is small, be prepared to drive an hour or more to the meeting.

Lots of networking with other experienced investors and vendors that you need.

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Originally posted by Joel Owens:
I just don't get it.How about just attending your local investors club meetings.

Find a a broker that is also an investor.You will gain LOCAL knowledge and the broker lands a client.No high fees needed.

Joel -

I get exactly what you are saying, but I have to disagree with you on the local REIA point. Everything is always boiled down so simple as this is bad and that is good when reality really isn't that way. I think really good REIA's are out there, but not always near by and not always positioned to provide good information. Many are geared towards turning profits by selling anything and everything. And the fact remains that some people are not going to need more if they are ever going to take action.

I have a ton of respect for your opinions on here, but for most, the option of simply gong to the REIA and getting it all is a hard reality to make happen.

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I just came from the seminar that was only 2 hours in Ottawa. I haven't got 3 day one yet but it isnt free it cost 200.00. a saving of 1000.00

From what I have read it seems like the investors go from 10,000 to 40 plus in the three day seminar. It seems like they are looking for money.

So Im wondering what that money is going to be used for and to prove its beingĀ invested.

I guess ill find out


I attend them every time they come to my area, just for the free events, as a place to network. The information is minimal unless you are willing to pony-up the cash.