Than Merrill Real Estate Investing Course Reviews

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Hi, If anyone on BP has taken Than Merrill's course would you please write a review. Or, if there is already a thread please point me to it.   I have signed up for the 3 day course and am going through the materials already provided and it seems good.  I did read somewhere that the coaching is expensive but maybe it's worth it to get started in the business?  Thanks in advance for your comments.  :)

@Gloria R Lowen,

This is a copied thread of mine from 4 years ago for what it's worth-

I agree with @J Scott that the experience you gained from your flip is worth far more than the $19000-$33000 tuition to attend the Fortune Builders Mastery class offered by Than Merrill. 

However, I did pay the $200 to attend the 3 day seminar of Fortune Builders hosted by Cole Hatter, and can say without reservation that I completely ripped them off! This seminar is obviously set up to enroll students into the Mastery program but Cole Hatter was a true real estate expert and extremely motivational. The amount and depth of information provided was incredible and this seminar is definitely worth your time. If you take good notes then you can pretty much duplicate their systems or at least have a basic blueprint on how to start your business. The problem with most newbies is that they fail to take action and implement the knowledge that they have gained from this 3 day seminar.

Just because you pay $ doesn't mean you will take action.

Between the knowledge gained from 3 day seminar and free resources here on BP, you have enough info to get started.

Make sure you know how to crunch numbers and if you are unsure than watch a few of Brandon Turners video's and you will be ready to make offers.

Best of luck!

Ashley thank you very much for your reply.  That is a super helpful post.  Sounds like a better use of funds (than the Mastery program) would likely be on marketing, a website, etc.

@Gloria R Lowen google 'Than Merrill Real Estate course review bigger pockets' or 'Fortune Builders bigger pockets' and you'll spend more time reading forum posts than it took me to binge watch the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.

Hi Spencer,

Thanks for that info.  I followed it up and wow - there's a lot of information.  Some negative and some positive.  One thing that was consistent, I found, was the description of their selling techniques as super aggressive.  I'll go to the 3 day training as I've signed up and paid for it, but one piece of advice I will follow is to leave at noon on the 3rd day as it is in the afternoon of the 3rd day when the pressure to buy the Master program really ramps up.  Thanks for your post.  It was very helpful.