Robert Kiyosaki's Business of the 21st Century

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Hey all,

Wanted to get your opinion on this book real quick if you've read it. I just finished it yesterday and I'm a little conflicted.

Here's why: I understand that Robert Kiyosaki is this portrayed like some financial king and has a bajillion NY Times Best Sellers but I hit chapter 7 and he says (paraphrased) that he has to be upfront and honest, he doesn't actually do network marketing (which is the business he touts as the "Business of the 21st Century").

I read that and immediately his credibility in my head went way down. I'm a practice what you preach kind of guy so I was a little turned off by this. Like yeah, this guy is worth so much and clearly knows how to make money, but I just find it hard to trust someone who writes an entire book about a certain type of business that he thinks is the best one for wealth building, but he's never done it?? 

 Just wanted to get your opinions and see if any of you have had any similar thoughts or experiences.


@Matt Stevi

I listen to his podcasts all the time. Haven’t read that book you’re talking about though. However; he does tout network marketing and the skills it gives you. He used to sell door to door years ago and talks about the thick skin he gained from the rejection he dealt with.

Network marketing is big and makes sense in the 21 century. It’s not for everyone though. But the system works if you have a good product and can hassle a little.