What kind of catches are there besides the 97 dollars a month you got to pay as long as your a part of the Cody Sperber program? Than Merrill's people lied to me so I am leery. I went to this free event in Indianapolis for Than merrill. I asked what was going on before I sat down. I said obviously there is a bigger event I pay to get into because there is no way you are teaching me anything in 30 minutes and I don't want to waste time sitting through the sales pitch. A couple girls there said pay 87 dollars and we just have a 3 day seminar here that teaches you some stuff about real estate. We will give you a list of investor names in your area. So, I went and sat for 3 days, a few years ago, while they covered stuff that was very basic and didn't teach me anything since I have read a lot on real estate. At the very end of the third day, they hit me with a 40 plus thousand dollar bomb and no investor list. I will say Than merrill called me personally and apologized before he immediately refunded. I told him though the whole thing is shady and they should say upfront we are going to give you basic real estate info. Then, we will hold your hand and help you invest and make money for 40000. That is how you do business honestly and don't waste three days of someone's time just to make 87 dollars times a couple thousand people.