I just got my intention journal, and I'm excited. Since I just started using it, I haven't established a routine regarding how I use it. I was curious about how other people use it. Would you care to share? When do you write it? Do you look at it throughout the day? Do you use another paper/app to keep track of to-do list? Is It REALLY working for you? Do you REALLY do it every day? How do you use the ribbons? This is not a complaint, but there will be a lot of flipping pages to write everything, as you have to do the weekly part (tracking daily habits) and daily part, daily. I asl find myself using the "My Week / Brain Dump" page for my to-do list so that I have everything I need as much as possible one place.

There's something about writing with your own hand, instead of using an app. One way or another, I'll make this happen!