Daymond John Real Estate Funding

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Hey guys, I attended a free Daymond John investor seminar and although I know the deal with these seminars, there was one piece of info that got my attention.

If you joined his $2000 course, he gave you access to asset-based hard money that has 0 points, 1.9% interest, with no monthly loan payment that balloons in 12 months. Does anyone have experience with this program? I mean, sigining up for access to 1.9% interest hard money by itself seems worth it.

Thoughts or experience with this?

Thanks in advance

@Martin Sterling if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Most hard money is a balloon payment. What LTV would they offer etc. I am also very skeptical about the 1.9% could be 1.9% monthly or bi-monthly. Also you have to use it to get the benefit most people won't.