“We are looking for motivated Real Estate investors to join our small team in “your area” and are hosting a free seminar...”

Yes I’m sure you’ve all heard this before and some of you may have even went to one, I know I did. If you haven’t let me warn you, it’s a scam, if you have gone to one of these and pushed through until the end please share I’d like to hear about it. I’ll share my experience:

So, you show up to the free event and give a great pitch, throw in a few carrots that really get you thinking "wow I can't believe it's that easy" then they up sale you for a weekend boot camp that will teach you all the secrets of REI. Then you show up for the 3 day course and they dump a ton of ambiguous information with a cliff hanger each night to bring you into the next day and the next that leads you to the punch line on the last day, "we will show you step by step through all of these tactics not for $100k, not $75k, not $50k only $24,000!!!!" So, I read through the smoke screen after the first day of the class and was fuming. I held it together until the last day because I wanted to hear the punch line and sure enough for only $24,000 (a good down payment for a deal by the way) they will lead me to my financial freedom.

I wasn’t feeling it but I did like the software they used and figured if I had access to that I could figure it all out. I negotiated with them at the closing table. I told them how I felt about the charades and that I was not interested, but let’s talk about getting me access to that software. After a few minutes of haggling with them and “let me talk to the boss” the sales guy came back to me with an offer $2k for the software. I said alright let’s do it. I thought I got over on them, until I found deal machine, bigger pockets, max maxwell and couldn’t believe it. Though the software is incredible but found out it was not worth 2k on top of $30 subscription fee they didn’t mention (or I may have missed the fine print). Hey at least they didn’t get me for 24k.

So, there is another free seminar coming to town next week and I’m going to stop in. I wish I was that guy and heckle the presenter, but I’m not, it’s a business and If it wasn’t for that weekend course I probably would have gotten back into the game for a long time, though the free seminar would have been enough to kick start my research and I do still regret paying that $900 for that horrible “Boot Camp”, but Kirk rafeekee says “The past does hurt, but it’s in the past”. I want to go and meet some like-minded individuals and hopefully provide them with plethora of free resources available to them and not burn the little to no money they may have on a pyramid scheme.

Now I wonder if any of the top guru ever thought of checking in on these free webinars to see what these guys are doing. I do know they mention them in their podcasts. Just a thought. Now please share your war stories. Was it successful, did you make it all the way through to find out it’s was a wast of your time and money or was it worth it.