Chris is "selling" more than Grant Funding information

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After three hours of "Selling" the Grant Funding in his workshop (with only an eight-minute break) we were then bombarded with a 45-minute MASSIVE SALES PITCH for Melaleuca.  Christ stated emphatically that this was NOT a multi-level marketing company.  Check the Internet -- it is definitely at multi-level marketing company.  On checking information in the Grant Funding Workshop NONE of the information was of any help to me. One for womens business funding firmly states it DOES NOT provide GRANTS, and that no one should pay for Grant Funding information. Several other "leads" were all for "community" organizations.  I doubt anyone in the room was representing a "community." They were all individuals hoping to find a way to get some grant monies. Good luck with that, folks. I cancelled both the Grant Funding application AND the Melaleuca application. Clever that Chris Johnson waits until the end of the day, when we are probably tired and overwhelmed with information about Grant funding, that he goes into overdrive with the sales pitch for a company which has a fairly good reputation, but his information was misleading and his associate from the United States (who did most of the presentation for Melaleuca) just rammed information at us.  His is a very slick sales pitch, and the offer of FREE gifts and a free cruise (hope he keeps his word on that one) were enticing.  But at the end of the day, it was just that -- a SLICK SALES PITCH.  Very high powered and misleading. 

Of course everyone has their opinion but I have to say something after reading your post. I bought Chris’s course a couple years ago and attended his other classes and have nothing but rave reviews. He is the real deal. He really helps people. I have gotten 3 grants using his system and I was frustrated tying to do it on my own before I met him. He showed me how to do it properly. He does a lot of research for his clients. At his 2 day training we were able to meet several other students of his who all got different kinds of grants with his help. My experience is he is all about trying to help people. His 3 hour seminar was free and he gives really good information at it. You can’t expect to go to a free seminar and not hear an offer for courses or services. He emailed me prior to my first 3 hour free seminar he would tell me other ways to help me make more money that was not government grants and asked everyone in the audience if it was ok for him to tell us about it before he did. I think almost everyone really wanted to hear about it too. Anyone who has tried an MLM can see it was not an MLM offer. You can’t make everyone happy, but my opinion is most people were happy at the end of his seminar.

I would echo what Marlene said. My own experience with Chris Johnson's course is that it is solid value for the money and that he is there to help if there are questions, issues, etc. As I posted elsewhere here on Bigger Pockets (I think it was a couple of years ago now), it's probably not for people who don't have time or inclination to put in some effort. And that's fine... people who want to take a more passive role in working toward their goals should figure out some other kind of arrangement.

Similarly, although I myself didn't take advantage of anything beyond the grant course at the seminar I went to, I didn't think it was unreasonable that there were other offers. That's kind of the nature of the networking we do as investors and how we find out about stuff we might want to check out. I did see some interest from a good number of others. They saw the same presentation I did, and calling it an "mlm" is really misleading.

It's probably the same case where it's not all things to all people, but that's best left to individuals to decide for themselves. So I think the bottom line is, take what you like, leave the rest, and let others do the same.

That was a little more than I intended to write, but I guess I don't like to see small business owners/investors going at each other. Just one man's opinion...

Mr. Johnson has been doing complimentary workshops with his wife for as long as I can remember and he is sought after in many countries. 

His seminars are well explained and there are tons of clients testimonials; people right here from Beautiful British Columbia. Plus, his course is one of the lowest cost I have seen offered locally.

Mr.Johnson is an humble, respectable and genuine gentleman I ever met. He is honest and offers a service because there is a need for most people who get frustrated or simply do not know how to apply for the grant.
Mr.Johnson even offers validated testimonials refunds which no one else offers. 

Personally, I applaud those who have been successful in multi-level marketing businesses. Melaleuca originally started as an MLM 35 years ago and changed their business model in 1985 to non-MLM.

Mr. C. Johnson has heart and wants to service people and see everyone who wants to help themselves succeed.