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Many people have highly recommended the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Richard Kiyosaki.

I came across this great article that completely tore the book, and the author, to shreds.

While reading Rich Dad Poor Dad was insightful for me, I now am looking at it a little bit differently after reading this review.

Any opinions on this?

yes, any book is just a new reality and shouldnt be taken as literal. when i read robert kiyosaki's book it made me ask the right questions and talk to the correct people and found out the right information to gain cotnrol of my financial situation and better it. Im sorry if you strictly follow anything you will fail. you must be flexible in all that you do in order to adapt and change to your situations. I will read his book as well because Im always laerning but like in robert kiyosaki's book im sure in john t's book it will say the best way to learn is doing because exerpience gives u much more learning expierence than just reading others success. if you learn how to do something someone can not take that away from you.

i believe in all books of self improvement are just guidance and should not be taken literally. Just my opinion.

I think that article eventually becomes a review, after several paragraphs of character assassination. I know of the book, but have not read it. After spending some time wading through the article, I have no real opinion about "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", but I have developed a distaste for the author of that "review".

The Reed site is really an embarrassment. I'm not a huge fan of Kiyosaki's work, but most of Reed's attacks are not legitimate, in my opinion. I had actually read Reed's site before I ever read any of Kiyosaki's books. The first book of Kiyosaki's that I read was Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and many of Reed's comments were still relatively fresh in my mind. Reed pulls a bunch of quotes out of context and then tries to use them to discredit Kiyosaki. For example, he has that chart of "Kiyosaki" Wisdom vs. Reed's (apparently) Whole Truth.

Kiyosaki: "It’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep."

Reed's "Whole Truth:" "The more you make, the more you keep."

Reed is completely wrong. I read that something like 80% of lottery jackpot winners declare bankruptcy with a couple years of winning their prize. That number may be off, but there is no doubt that many, many people focus too much on what their income is and fail to look at their spending habits. They spend more than they make, and when they do increase their income, they increase their spending just as much if not more. [The Millionaire Next Door, a great book, would clearly spoorts Kiyosaki here, and not Reed.]

Reed then attacks Kiyosaki for saying "By working harder, you simply increase the amount of taxes taken by the government." Reeds says that would only be true "if the tax rate were 100%" Reed is either a complete idiot or he's being intellectually dishonest. There's no question about what Kiyosaki means (that income from real estate is taxed at a much lower rate than earned income, a point he repeatedly makes).

The whole rest of Reed's webpage (except those which are attacks on Kiyosaki's character) is full of similar, and frankly childish, arguments. I'd put his reasoning at just slightly above that of the Flat-Earth Society (which, at least, makes its arguments with tongue firmly implanted in cheek).

I think it's too bad that there's not a rational criticism of the Kiyoski book(s), because in general I do think he says a lot of things that are either wrong or misleading, but I wouldn't count on Reed to figure it out.

Originally posted by "dextera3":
While reading Rich Dad Poor Dad was insightful for me, I now am looking at it a little bit differently after reading this review.

I had the exact same experience with this book. But my wife read it, too (she is very much not a business oriented person), and said to me when I raised concerns, "But didn't it [RD, PD] make you think and start changing your behavior...?"

And yeah, it did. I guess whether it is true, fiction, or fictionalized truth is not the point. I have an issue with someone saying "I did this and now I am happy and financially free and you can be too" when he may not have in fact done that...that's lying. But looking at the book as more of a parable, it is good IMO.

Man that is a long article he wrote....

But you know what....There's always some jealous son of a ***** out there like Reed. Robert turns his series into a best seller worth over $20m and this guy Reed? Well who's Reed...basically just another low life jealous wannbe author who never actually made it.

I agree that the original book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" did not teach a whole lot. It was more of just an very interesting story and a very clever book. But if you read some of his other following books like "Cash flow quadrant" and "Retire young, retire rich" you can clearly tell that the guy is brilliant. He basically rivals the genius of Davinci, Newton, Einstein and the like.

Like what would we do without the Cash Flow Quadrant? That is one of the most brilliant sociodemographic models ever developed in human history! I'm amazed they don't drill this into you in high school or even college.

Besides I find it amazing that this this loser Reed would actually take the time to write such a long article bashing someone else's succeed. Like talk about having a chip on their shoulder. Talk about one jaded, demented, negative, pessimist, who basically has no life, other than to hide behind his computer screen and bash someone else who's actually made it in life. That's not how you become successful.

And to think this guy Reed actually thinks of himself as some kind of author who's gonna teach me real estate investing? .....ok ok...get this "CHAPTER 1: how to bash a home owner, and run down their property 101." - "Hi I'm John Reed wannbe author and self proclaimed low life. Now as you can see by the way I bashed Kiosoki, I'm an expert at putting people down, especially those I'm jealous of who've actually made it in here's how you put down the seller of the home and try to make him or her feel worthless... (can you image there's actually people like Reed out there in life. That's scary if you ask me)

Actually I use to know a bully when I was a kid. He's always try to put down everyone else to somehow try and raise himself up. As far as I can tell Reed displays this kind of extremely low self esteem in this article. But what's worse is that this guy Reed is actually suppose to be some kind of teacher? What does he teach...."how to bash others to try and make them less so that you can become more?" is that his philosophy of life?

Like Robert talks about the struggles he had early on in life. I can relate to that totally. And anyone who's had success I'm sure could also atest to those kinds of struggles on the journey to success.

Why doesn't this guy Reed spend more time on his own business and embrace others who are leading his field. It's clear to me that this guy Reed, is a totally slim ball, and so unprofessional that it's no wonder he's a nobody in life. Like could imagine knowing a person like this Reed in any capacity? Like I don't know about you but I want to stay far far away from people who are that negative and critical about others.

Like this Reed guy is just totally nuts. Like I spit on the parents who neglected him as a child that's for sure! Cuz Reed's hurtin hardcore. Besides, what a poor excuse for a doorway page to try and generate free traffic by bashing someone. How pathetic.

Anyone else notice John Reed knocks everyone? Its not just one or two gurus, he dogs just about every single person he writes about. He's the one who needs to be dogged, not people like David Whisnant.

I emailed Mr. Reed with a question concerning wholesaling maybe 2 months ago, and the reply was, "Well if you think you know so much about wholesaling, why are you asking me questions?" My email was simply a question, that Im guessing he misunderstood. I assume he gets alot of emails attacking him, which is the reason for flying off the handle at my email.

He pours salt on everyones work, so he can sugarcoat his own.

What a loser.

Originally posted by "r2d246":
...There's always some jealous son of a ***** out there like Reed. Robert turns his series into a best seller worth over $20m and this guy Reed? Well who's Reed...

nuff said!

Originally posted by "BradS989":
Originally posted by "r2d246":
...There's always some jealous son of a ***** out there like Reed. Robert turns his series into a best seller worth over $20m and this guy Reed? Well who's Reed...

nuff said!

So true.

The story is just a story. So what if it is only "based" on a true story. The more imortant thing is the content. If the story teaches important lessons, and those lessons improve lives and make the author money, then everyone wins.

I read this article a while back after following a link on Kiyosaki's forum
site. Which absoulutely sucks by the way. I really think someone hit the
nail on the head with the term "Character Assianation". If someone were going to make an educated criticism of something you cannot include the phrases and words that Reed uses. I emailed him about it actually and never got a response. (Big surprise)

The point was not was there a Rich Dad or who was the Rich Dad in the book.The whole point was to use an analogy to tell the story of wealth. You can look at many succesful authors who have used devices like this. Seems to me like a disportionate amount in the business and economic section of the book store. Especially because we are dealing with ideas which are not exactly easy to understand. So is what Kiyosaki teaches new? Some is some isn't but the reason he is successful is because he knows how to talk to his audience and how to get them excited and give them examples of what he is talking about. Which goes farther than many authors out there whose books are either phamplets or are tomes like the 2007 licensing requirements for the GA Real Estate Exam..

I think for many investors Real Estate has been for years too risky and scary to involve yourself in. But I think Kiyosaki has helped many to find more info and start investing..