Direct Mail/Direct Response Marketing Course Suggestions

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Hey BP!

I'm wondering what everyone's favorite direct mail/direct response marketing course is and why?

I'm not married to it being real estate specific - any direct response, copywriting or direct mail specific courses - go!

@Jaren Barnes you can find tons of blogs on direct mail and if you read forum post, most of your questions will be answered but here are my two cents.

When planning for direct mail marketing, always target for off-market properties. This is because when a property hits the market, hundreds of investors start marketing to them and it's quite impossible to stand out. There are plenty of ways you can acquire off-market properties one of which is purchasing a list from online sites like Listsource. You could also try driving for dollars but it's a bit time consuming and requires a lot of patience and also the return is not good.

Once you have a list ready, you can send out your first direct mail. Remember, direct mail is a numbers game so the more records you have in your list, the more chance you have to land a deal. You should have enough budget to send at least 5 mailings to your list with a gap of 3-4 weeks in between.

Do not overthink the content in your mail piece. You could try handwritten font which works well for me.  I also use colorful envelope which helps stand out a little but then again these are just a part of marketing with the purpose of getting your mail pieces opened. No amount of tricks can motivate a non-motivate seller so you need to be in touch with them at the point that they become motivated. I still get calls from homeowners I mailed last year.

For your first mailing, choose a first-class mailing so that you can remove the addresses that get returned. This helps you save some bucks. 

Try different content every time in your mailpiece but building on the last one. In most cases, the homeowners might not realize that you're the same person who mailed them last month so it's important to use some branding or identity.