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I won't provide too many details to avoid sharing information the author would likely rather me not, but I just finished reading Set for Life by Scott Trench. I wish I had read this when I was far younger (although it wouldn't have been written then, haha) as the author's insight would have helped me avoid a lot of mistakes and missed opportunities. Scott roles out a tried and true (by him) plan to become financially independent quickly. He provides details that anyone with some work ethic and a desire to succeed can apply to become successful and set themselves up to be way ahead of the general population. While I was lucky enough to overcome a lot of my earlier financial mistakes to still be in a position to retire well ahead of schedule, this information will allow a younger person to cut their working days in half (or better). I'm gifting to both of my 20-something children in the hopes that they apply this well-scripted path to not just financial, but life-independence. Finally, Scott is also the first person to explain to me in a way that I can understand that my home isn't an actual asset and why it's critical to create wealth outside of retirement accounts. Kudos to this young man for having the foresight and discipline to create and carry out a plan to earn and enjoy a well-deserved life of abundance ahead of the outdated, scripted timeline established by our predecessors. 

Joe, that's a pretty spot on review. I am 26 and read it last year and it really launched me so far forward with my plan and drove me to start taking action. I think Set for Life can be powerful just like Rich Dad Poor Dad not just for REI but for people looking to really get ahead for themselves and their families.

Thanks, Nathan, and best of luck. 

And I should have said 'rolls out,' not 'roles out,' although that grammar slip might be more accurate due to him actually modeling the behavior he used himself. 

Disclosure: I am the author of Set for Life

@Nathan Norway and @Joe Robinson - Joe - thank you so much for the positive review. I actually had a couple people reach out this week and it really is nice to hear the appreciation and support for the book! Glad you both enjoyed it!

Please send me an email at [email protected] - if you, friends, or family, would like a physical copy, I'd be happy to gift one or several for you both! 

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