Can anyone give a review on "WeLend101" ?

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Peter Vekselman offers to finance real estate deals 100% on BP.  I Called and had a conversation with Peter which started with his request for $1,500 up front before he could look at my deal.  My question is; has anyone on BP done business with this self proclaimed guru, and if so what did you get for your $1,500

No idea who that is, but no you do not need to pay anyone $1500 upfront to talk about financing. That's a red flag for a scam.

If I got $1500 every time I talked to a member about something far fetched such as putting 3.5% down on a $1.5m fourplex in the hottest real estate market in the country where you're up against 25% down as the norm, I'd just do that all day and not bother actually closing any loans. Hint hint about what this person or entity might be up to.