Has anyone joined Stefan Aarnio’s/Blackcard coaching program?

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So I’ve read Stefans books in the past and paid a premium price for them, then they put you into a funnel and do continuous sales calls. After being transferred to the “next tier” sales guy I almost bought into a $37,000 coaching program (with promo pricing of 31g if I put a deposit down.)

Before I give away hard earned money with partial debt, does anyone have reviews, advice or guidance on such education?

I am in the northern Alberta Canada market, Stefan is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which is relatable in structure and governing laws in Alberta.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

@Kelley Prymych

Straight from the richdad operational playbook. You can do much better for much less. You’re in the best province overall to be investing in long term currently. At minimum, before you pop for something like this, join myreinspace and read through every single catalogued thread that is of interest to you in the public forum (public side is free). I was a member there for 12+ years and can tell you that only recently did they start sliding down the continuum into “guru” type programs (why I left). While you’re at it, go ahead and stop researching fortune builders and keyspire too. They’re all the same (although keyspire does give you the option to loan money to scott, whoopie!).

Fire me a dm if you need more info on any of the above

@Kelley Prymych . Find a way to find a deal that is the essence of investing. The tuition is your possible down payment on your next deal. If you encounter something you can’t overcome find a local expert and get them to help you or hire the right person, lawyer, realtor, contractor etc. The danger of these programs is they don’t know your market and can’t help you determine what a deal is. Any podcast or book can offer the same or better advice.

@Account Closed

Thank you for the advice! I appreciate and will dove into REIN’s material. I have bounced in and out of it for the past half year or so. A personal limitation I’ve been placing on myself is more so information overload. -like Grant Cardone said, get yourself one guru, listen to only one person and forget the rest because they’ll start contradicting each other and you’ll be so confused that you won’t know where to start

@Kelley Prymych

Yea I have, would definelty recommend them, every coach does what they teach, no gurus by any means and they also warranty their program, still to their commitment and follow through until you get the amount of deals that each level estimates to help you with.

Sometimes you have to pay for education to learn faster and skip steps and avoid mistakes that can set you back years.

In life the only valuable currency is time, and if your worried about sacrificing a down payment that’s small thinking because youll build a portfolio slower using your own money when there’s billions out there around all of us.

@Sean Nelson

If you don't mind me asking, what is their coaching program like? What do they teach you? How many deals have you done under their guidance? Were they flips, buy and hold, or something else?

I'm currently considering Stefan's coaching program, but not certain whether the timing is right for me, or whether their strategy aligns with mine.