Interested in some good books?

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We have a pretty large Board of Realtors here and they have an extensive library of books. It's not just dry RE Law books or books on surveying, but all kinds, likely they have some of the "investor" books (I know I saw some) as well as technical references.

I was just thinking.....

If you all, (enough people) would be interested I'll check them out from the BoR, read through them and give you a short version of recommendations, a synopsis, opinion but no endorsements as such. Guess I'd call it Bill's Book Club or such.

At least you might find some good reads without spending big bucks, I could do beginner, andvanced and full blown super investor, depending on what's there, but I'm sure it covers the spectrum pretty well.

I'm not doing it to push any books, have no interest in any of them, but just thought it might act as a guide if you're interested.

If you are, let me know by your reply and thoughts and we will see what we can put together. :)

Well, over an hour and one taker....LOL

I would absolutely be interested on book recommendations. Thank you.

I would like to hear your thoughts on some of the books. Always looking for a good read

Welcome to BP Kevin!

I'm seeing, so far, new folks and I know some older ones are asking about progarms etc.

Everyone knows I'm pretty anti-guru, my bark as about some of the claims made and some suggesting some pretty shady stuff.

I have no agenda here, really!

I believe most of the books in the library have been somewhat vetted or they wouldn't have purchased them for agents.

I also know that there are investor oriented materials as I know many Realtors that have spoken about so and so's method or system and a few Realtors attempt to incorporate investor tactics into thier business.

I was hoping some of the established investors here would provide some suggestion, not only as to a book but what to dig for, what interests you or the majority.

I taught RE at the undergarduate level, most any teacher will tell you they may not agree with 100% of the material in any text, that should not stop its presentation!

I see this as a big undertaking, it's not about trashing any book, if one is really looking like it's outdated or has some poor suggestion, I'll mention those or may not even mention them.

What I'd look for:

1. I'm not doing due dilligence on this, just off the cuff, is it current enough to get the main idea presented or is it common knowledge without much beef?

2. Do-ability, if its about some system, will it really work? I've been around long enough to know what is a wate of time and what workds.

3. Afforadability, is the info worth it? Off hand, I'll bet nothing there is over $100, but there may be, I know there are some "programs" there.

4. Marketing by the author, is it hype? I'm sure most will have at least a dash up to a few pounds of it, they have to keep interest up, no blame there, but does it tie into #2?

5. What level of investing is it most appropriate to? I know from reading here, that some are brand new and it may be difficult to follow, so how does the material tie into #2 above? Easily understood or is other knowledge really need first?

I'd like to ask you, what you think about these areas, should there be other aspects to look at?

Is this a bad idea? Is there some or any reason this shouldn't be done?

Here's one plus for some of you, if I'm reading these books I'm not on here! (LOL)

If there is enough feedback, I'll take it on, if not, that's okay too, won't hurt my feelings... :)

It's not about pointing out bad stuff, it's about suggesting some good ones. Lastly, to new folks, I really wish that someone had told me to go read a state approved text book for agent licensing when I had first started waaaaay back, those are probably less than $50 and will give the big picture to RE that every investor should know, at least read once and keep in your library. :)

@Bill Gulley - if you actually do undertake such a thing, I suggest starting a separate thread for each title being reviewed in the "review" forum. And maybe later on you can create another thread (call it "Bill Gulley does Book Reviews") that links to those for consolidation purposes.

You have a good idea in any case.

Thanks Steve, I'll follow that!

I'm definitely interested. Thanks for attempting it.

I do appreciate the response of those who posted, but 4 interested in 9 days is just not flying.

Instead of checking out a bunch and surfing through them, I'll pick up a few and take a look, if they are worth commenting on, I'll post a comment in the books category.

Thanks, but I'll call this one closed, if any mod wants to lock it, that fine.

To those who did reply, thanks, I'll let you know if I find some good ones. :)

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