REI Wholesale Legit? Or something to pass on?

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I just came across a banner ad on the site here and clicked through to it as it seemed interesting. It is called REI Wholesale

I knew full well that it would be an overly hyped opportunity full of the usual "broke to millionaire" pitches since the banner ad boast $3,000 - $15,000 dollars in as little as 7 days, but I wanted to honestly get a look at it.

Does anyone else have experience with this program that focuses on finder's fees? If so I'd like to hear!

Hi Rich,

The ads placed are at random so are not an endorsement by BP.

Investigate on your own. I do not know anything positive or negative about the site.

Hey @Rich Barrett - As Joel said, the ads are randomly served through Google. We do block many ads for deceptive advertising, however I have not heard anything about this one.

It looks like a blog site, though, and unfortunately like most blogs in the REI space, it is not active. Looks like the last post was written in early 2012. That's all I know...

The lack of recent updates on that page makes it feel at least out-of-date, if not bogus. I'm curious why anyone would put the $$ into an AdWords campaign but not put any time into their content. My guess is the course could be out of date as well... Proceed with CAUTION....

Thanks everyone for the insight. I have decided to not do anything with it, even before I posted this, but figured it would be a great topic to discuss since others may have questions since this is floating around the site's sidebars.

Given it hasn't been updated in about a year I would say NO to this opportunity!

Any of the program's that make outrageous claims automatically scream scam to me. They must spend a lot of money on AdWords though, I can't tell you how many times in the past month I've seen ads for "the cataclysmic shift that will make 95% of real estate investors impotent within the next 12 months" or "every successful real estate investor has a mentor". So, 95% of us are out of business within 12 months and apparently everyone who is successful also currently has a mentor. This is of course according to some fine gurus ;)

@Braden C. -- The nice thing about BiggerPockets is that you won't see that one here ;)

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