Phil is a total salesman of his own mentorship program. He wants you to slave yourself to make money for him and his crews who are barely there for you when you need them. You can only talk to them within the given time limits on one hour scheduled conference calls. You share the one hour slot with others and wait for your turn. You will be unmuted when it is time for you to ask questions and if you’re taking too much time he will mute you . Unless you’re an expert or experienced realtor there is no way you learn anything. They don’t actually help you to deal with your specific case but give you such a general answer and you just have to figure out what action to take but expect 50-50 profit splits. They’re just ppl running q&a sessions and take your hard earned money. They can’t be reached anytime you need them. You don’t have their numbers they can only be reached within the software app through their messaging system. You think you will be taken care of since you can just text them anytime you want but you’re wrong you don’t get the answer right away, could take you days and when they actually messaged you back they give you such a broad answer doesn’t even help you in anyway. You can never make deals happen with so much time wasted just waiting for help. I would say they’re just scammers. They’re opportunist they want to see a deal on paper then you will probably have their time of the day. 
Phil puts more time into fabricating those you tube sessions to lure more people into his program than into mentoring them once in the program. Because once you’re in you are locked in to be his money making machine or you will lose your 15k deposit if you can’t reach the agreed half million sales. Once you’re in the program it becomes clear to me they target motivated sellers who turned out to be desperate sellers who needed the most help but instead let’s scam them for more profit since they’re desperate. I spoke to sellers and heard their heart broken stories and how can you make profit of buying and reselling of their property from these people? They want you to offer 60-70% of the market price to make decent split profit. They will provide the cash (the staff said they have a huge fund) so it’s up to them. It’s very unethical how can you sleep at night? Yes I was so naive inexperienced and desperate when I joined the program but I’m not desperate enough to scam desperate people like myself. I refuse to be like them. I tried to reach out to them by calling or by emailing their customer support team just to be ignored. They should really change the name of their company. It’s all a gimmick. Please if you consider to join them think again. Don’t follow my footsteps and become the victim. I live day by day off my paycheck and I have to care a disabled person I feel I’ve just been robbed. Why do you think I was willing to invest 15k that I don’t even have? The whole persona Phil actually presents himself on his you tube channel as such a great mentor. He makes you think 15k is nothing when you can get return of your investment 250k in couple years time. The problem here they want you to spend money on advertising which isn’t cheap just to lure these poor ppl in and nothing I can do to help them unless I scam them at the same time. I have to admit his you tube channel is very informative and fun to watch which the reason I got myself into the program. His channels are fabricated that way so you will be eager to want to know more that you decide to join his program only to get disappointed. You’ll be just part of their system. Please save yourself don’t make the same mistake I did.