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Has anyone attended any Marshall Reddick "Getting Started" seminars? Or done business with them? I'm going to a free getting started class and I won't have them run my credit report, but they may have some great information about investing. Just wondering if anyone had any bad experiences with them.

Beware of Fraud and Deception within the network of brokers and agents.
I would advise you to do investing on your own by reading and learning as much as you can online.
The network is setup to sell as many homes as possible every month to meet a quota. This does not factor in 10 homes on the same street FOR RENT ( all investors from the network).
I worked as a receptionist a few months and I got all the complaints from investors.
Bankruptcy, un-returned phone calls, debt, foreclosure and property vacancies for at least 4 months.
This is a deceptive network. :protest: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THEY ARE SELLING.

WOW WOW!!! It's funny because i attended a NOUVEAU RICHE seminar that i was not so happy about. And ended it up walking out in the middle of the session to meet 2 guy's from Marshall Reddick trying to suck me into going to there seminars in Torrance,Ca or Hawthorne can't remember where.But i do remember the guy's following me all the way to my car almost begging me to go to there seminars, glad i didn't

My partner and I went to a Marshall Reddick seminar over a year ago. We didn't end up doing business with him but we did use his concepts (i.e. taking out a heloc...) and his recommended property management company in phoenix. The property management company is very hard to get a hold of and very hard to work with. I have the feeling Reddick sends as many people to them as possible as we are basically just a number to them. I wouldn't work with Marshall Reddick based on this alone (his bad reco). He saturates the markets he works in and its very hard to make money in his areas because there are a million people like me investing there and no actually renters.

I have also attended a few Marshall Reddick seminars. I found them interesting of course but I agree with Savyinvestor in that you need to confirm/verify the info that these Area Specialists are providing. Some of their projections are a bit aggressive. It's a good idea to attend the seminars but do your research before you invest.

Good luck!

My parents have purchased 5 properties through MR and seems like only problem after problem dealing with tenants and property managers. It seems like this or my Mother is being sucked into pyramid schemes. Its not terrible, but at the same time you have to really stay on top of things

IN 98 we actually talked to Marshall Reddick on the phone. I have never gone to any seminars but at the time we spoke to him I think that it was the start of the big network. He gave us suggestions on where to invest and I have to say they were pretty right on target. His ideas are reasonable but I agree that greed has got in the way! To many investors in a given area or development and very unethical property managers and agents. You have to be very careful and do your homework.


If you have been screwed by Marshall Reddick like I have, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] I am keeping track of how many people were ripped off by Marshall Reddick and if there is any way for us to share our experiences. Thanks. Eileen.

RUN!!! Don't walk. Marshall and his cronies are unbelievable sheisters. Google him and you will see. Sooooo many investors have gotten burned.

He wanted to do a commercial program with me but after seeing how he screws people, we backed out after doing only a single presenation. My language is strong here because I am passionate about my position. RUN!


I have made some purchases through the Marshall Reddick Network and am cursious what specifically made you not want to continue with your realtionship with his network. I have found alot of his informartion and resourese helpful and feel he does over something to the new and a bit exerienced investor ..but I do believe everyone has to be a skeptic and really do there own due dilligence.

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