PEI Real Estate Networking

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@Jeet Patel

Hey guys. We haven’t had a meet up recently, with Covid restrictions it made it hard to get together. However once restrictions relax a bit I hope we can start getting together again.

Hello Fellows

I am Gurpreet Bajwa. I am very much interested to explore PEI to be potential home owner and also as an investor. I will appreciate if you can provide some details in Charlottetown, Stratford and Cornwall
1. How is the job market in PEI specifically for IT professional 

2. How is public transportation and commute time with in city 

3. How is the real estate market in 2021 (Economic development Vs home market forecast/trends)

4. Current sales and pricing conditions 

5. Employment growth 

I am from Toronto. I am planing to move with my family. I just wanted to make sure that I am not making impulse decision.

Thank you in advance.