Good Morning Everyone,

I'm not quite sure if I'm posting this to the right forum, but perhaps it'll work.

I'm looking for an interested real estate investing partner located in the DC Metro area. I'm not just looking for someone to bring money to a deal, but rather, someone who's determined to build a large portfolio of rental properties and would be open to working with a partner who has similar goals. I'm a young, very trustworthy individual who's a recent graduate and I feel I could bring a lot to the table for any sort of real estate investment.  

I will be receiving my Virginia RE license very soon and I have had some success with investing in 2 rental properties. One is a single family home and the other is a multifamily home located in Ohio. I'm very interested in buying more multi-families or even a few small apartment complexes. I feel that with a partner and combined effort, we could achieve this more quickly.

I would just like to find someone who has some knowledge themselves, and is as willing as me to do the work to learn everything that's needed to succeed - after all, it is a long-term learning process.

If you're interested, please message me and we can discuss more details.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Best Regards,