Real estate pre license - seeking advice/mentor

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Hi everyone, my name is Zach and I’m currently taking my pre license course for real estate sales. I’ve heard numerous times to seek a mentor and just overall someone to look up to and learn from. I’m very open, honest and straight forward. If you have any advice for someone just getting started don’t be shy! I would enjoy any and all feedback! Thanks! If you have some names to drop here that I can reach out to that would be awesome!

You might want to consider joining a team to learn the business, and to start making money quicker.

Wow, That's very good Zach. May I ask where are you taking the classes at? I am looking into the same entry way. My own viewpoint would just to be find a way in which you could add value to a mentor. I think definitely joining a team learning the business, and finding an agent. That you could assist as far as holding open houses, asking questions and learning from. You also have to be able to self market cold call, door knock and do whatever it takes to gain clients. I wish you good luck in your journey.