Looking for Rent in / Near DC Metro Area

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What part of DC is she going to be working in? What's your budget? A "safe" area in DC will run you $2000+ for a 1 bedroom apartment (fort totten for example)- prime location like the waterfront, navy yard, U street etc- forget about it- $2000 for a studio- 1 bedroom $2500+- some may push closer to $3000 a month

 15-20 minutes away in Greenbelt will run $1500 or so for a 1 bedroom apartment

Silver Spring- Wheaton- College Park are all close by and run the same- $1500-$2000 a month

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On the Virginia side she could commute in from Arlington/Fairlington on 395, about 5-10 minutes to DC with no traffic. One bedrooms in there rent for as cheap $1500. 

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