Investor Looking to Connect with Investors and Realtors in NJ

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I'm a investor with some knowledge in land developing and construction from New Jersey looking to get back into the real estate business with either buying, rehabbing and flipping properties.

 I would be interested in raw land, commercial, multi family and garden apt properties.

I want to connect with other investors for a possible JV and realtors who can help me find some listings.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Thanks so much!

Hello, I am up in northern NJ and one of the ideas I am playing with for my families next home is having it built. What do you think it would cost per sq ft approx. Nothing too fancy possibly modular. 

I have a land listing in Bergen County - Closter, New Jersey. Approximately 1 1/3 acre parcel (subdivided into three parcels), zoned "A" Residential, with an Affordable Housing Overlay Zone for low income housing. Can either build three market rate houses or 16+ units of COAH approved one-for-one housing on this site. For more info PM me.

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