Looking for an investor friendly realtor in Pinellas County

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We are looking to purchase our first (and hopefully one of many) multi-family rental properties and would like any recommendations on a real estate agent in the area of South Pinellas County. Specifically the St Petersburg/Largo/Clearwater area. Thanks for any input.

Hello Jessie,

@Jeff Copeland is our Realtor also, we found him on bigger pockets and he has helped us buy three multi-family properties in the last couple months in the area. Jeff is a Realtor, Investor, property Manager who knows the market area and has been extremely helpful through the entire process. He found us some great properties that we purchased!

Dan Benning, he has been an investor flipping homes for 20 years and now as agent, he is a great negotiator. Last client I sent to him, offer much less than property value and was accepted he was so happy he could not believe. He know the area and the best deals too. 

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