Information on St. Petersburg Area

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I found a multifamily property that I am interested in and have a few questions for the locals.  It is between MLK St and US92 north of I-175.  Is this a decent area?  A quick Google Earth view looks alright in some areas and the crime map on Trulia shows yellow.

I emailed the listing agent but he isn't much for responding. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good agent in the area? Right now I am planning on dropping down there next week or the week after to survey the area.

If I do go ahead and purchase this property, I will need to get a property manager. Does anyone have a company that they are happy with? Ideally I want to get that lined up before proceeding.

Any other suggestions or pointers, I would be more than willing to listen.

very cool area.  Southsideh of St Petersburg is still an area that you can find some deals in.  I Drive they that area weekly, I'm in the Wine and Spirits industry, so I'm always checking out new areas.  Sorry I can not be of much assistance with what your looking for but if you need any "boots" to go look around lmk.  I'm 1 home sale away from building my Portfolio.  Good luck 

Be careful in St. Pete.  Neighborhoods really can change drastically in a hurry from block to block.  If you private message me the address I can give you a little bit better idea as well as some property manager referrals.

Sounds like you're referring to the Historic Uptown neighborhood. It can be a mixed bag, but for the most part is an up-and-coming neighborhood. 

The area between 4th Street and 9th Street, in particular is better. It gets a little more block-by-block between 9th and 16th streets.

I manage a six plex at 811 14th Street North, and sold a duplex at 7th Street and 7th Avenue North last year, so I know the area pretty well.

Let me know if I can help in any way.