New to St. Pete - looking for a house hack

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We just moved from Chicago and looking to start investing with a house hack in the next year or so. Ideally we'd like a home with detached rental units (perhaps above the garage) that are part of the property. Do properties like this exist in the St. Pete area? Any recommendations or zip codes or areas to look?

Yes, there are a lot. You can ask a realtor (or a few) to setup auto MLS searches for you. They'll need to use keyword searches as the MFRMLS (used in Pinellas) can't really pin-point what you're looking for. Try keywords like detached, in-law suite, in-law unit, separate unit, secondary unit, second unit, mother-in-law, and more.

St Pete is definitely and awesome city. I definitely recommend you do some driving around the city to learn about some pocket neighborhoods. So many times properties like the one above look amazing on the MLS or Zillow, but turn out to be in "rougher" neighborhoods. Helps save time to weed out what you want :) cheers

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