Looking for Real Estate Agent/Property Management [Clearwater FL]

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Hello!  I'm a new real estate investor currently living in Greenville, SC.  However, I consider the Clearwater area to be a second home and I'm interested in investing there.  I'm looking for a real estate agent and potentially a property management company to help me with my first investment.  I'm looking forward to getting started and learning more.  I appreciate your time in advance.

@Justen B. We do a lot of real estate investing to include wholesale, flip, buy rentals, we have funding available too. I own the company happy to network and see if we are the right fit. I have my Brokers license as well and operate in a few counties.

Hey @Justen B.

I would recommend @Bryan Waters for property management for sure. 

There are a lot of good deals around the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area, you just need the right person/team to provide them for you. What kind of deal are you looking for? Multi-Family, Single Family? What is your investment strategy (Fix&Flip/Buy&Hold).

I'd love to chat more to see what your future plans are for investing.