Investor Friendly Agent in Buffalo NY

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  A friend of mine is looking to invest in Buffalo NY. He's called a few RE agents and nobody got back to him. Can anyone recommend a good real estate agent in Buffalo who specializes in investments? Thank you in advance. 

I've had the same issue but I found  know some great agents and a great property manager in the area.  PM if you would like their contact info.  

hi brett. what makes you think you need a real estate agent to find a house?  some of your best deals are the ones not listed. i find house deals everywhere, usually its a house in a state of disrepair, but if you are handy at this sort of thing, it opens up a whole new world of real estate. what you need is someone on the ground for you in the areas you want to invest in. i do this sort of thing for a couple of out of state investors. they find deals via the internet or i find something along the way that they may be interested in. i go look at it for them, if they buy it, they pay me a finders fee. the fee only applies if they buy it. check out my profile here. see if you may be interested in doing something like this and we can discuss it further.