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So I own 4 rentals, but only 1 storage unit. It is a 26'x28' 2 car garage with private door entrance as well. Has a pit and very tall ceilings. It is located in Johnson City, NY less than a minute from the traffic circle. However, my question is, other than if you want to rent it of course, is how do I advertise for it?

It is already on craigslist...

Can I put it on zillow?

Is there a storage rental website that is free?

Should I put up a sign?

Should I shoot it out to a list of investors?

Should I contact local contractors?

Why doesn't BiggerPockets allow me to advertise this to others on this site? I figured this would be perfect for a flipper/real estate agent to store staging furniture. 

This being my only storage rental unit makes it not worth it to do the research on my own and rather just ask around.

5 is an old mechanics pit, 4 is the entry door.

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I was wondering this myself.  I have several storage units also on one of my properties.  I have only ever advertised them on craigslist and by posting flyers around the property.  Usually my units rent pretty quick though off of that so it was not a huge concern for me.  do you have a lot of competition in your area?  What are you charging compared to other units in your area of comparable size?  

@Nate Fenson .  You could put in the marketplace section of BP as well. That's where services, properties and other items are bought and sold by BP members. Hope this helps, looks like a decent smaller storage unit. 

I take it you are looking to sell it. Have you tried advertising it to local mechanics in the Southern Tier? Get the word out to local garages, car dealerships, other mechanics. Seems set up for it already and in a decent location and a local guy just starting out might be looking for just such a place to hang his shingle. A lot do side work out of their home garage/driveway that might be better suited for a "real" shop. Might be a nice little revenue stream if you decide to keep it and rent it. Find out the local rates and keep yours competitive or a little less. Talk to the local shops and see what local organizations for car repairs/auto dealers there might be and contact them. Perhaps one could also use it for a detailing shop or other auto accessory installation shop of some sort.

Just a thought...

Might be easier to rent as two separate units.  Have you considered putting a wall up in the middle and renting as separate single garages?

Bandit signs would probably do well in Broome County. Many people here spend the majority of their out-of-home time commuting to and from work. 

Newspaper classified ads may work - the Press and Sun Bulletin is a good choice based on where your unit is located. 

Flyers posted in communal areas throughout the city, and word of mouth. 

Craigslist is honestly your best bet if you are renting just a single unit in this location. Most people here would look on craigslist to find a storage space like this. If your storage unit isn't 24/7 access you'll need to drop the price significantly, because you have a lot of competition here.

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